Which One?-Lovely Ladies

Now I know there are men that look at this page, I know there are I see you. I wanted to include you in all this lust action. I want you out of your hidey holes. I did this because I want to hear from my readers/watchers. It’s a good way to play ‘lets get to know each other.’ I’m a black woman and black women are beautiful to me and if you come here you know I try to celebrate black women. So this one us for you fellas. Now if a sexy woman came your way, offered to buy you drink (which I would never suggest women do but this is fantasy land) but if she did out of these two beautiful ladies, which one would you pick? Tell me why? This will be the only one of these I’ll be doing for men.


Sanaa Lathan



Gabrielle Union


10 thoughts on “Which One?-Lovely Ladies

  1. Sanaa’s look is great but her body looks almost too fit..Gabrielle is gorgeous but almost too cute…she is just so inviting like that,shirt open though…I could definitely tumble in love..but first…..

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