Which One?-Muy Caliente

Yes I speak some Spanish, un poco. But I do know sexy in any language. So I’m going for a new one on this one, a choice of three hot men of Spanish descent. Que uno? Por que?


Antonio Banderas



Benicio del Toro



Javier Bardem


24 thoughts on “Which One?-Muy Caliente

  1. I’m not gonna lie this was tough because I love each of these men for different reasons. But if there is just one I’d say Javier Bardem would win. And even I’m surprised by that because he atypical handsome but he’s just so gorgeous to me. I really love his voice and I love all these men voices but his is just the kind where you want drop your drawers. I’m serious and he has beautiful smile. I can see why Penelope Cruz is with him.

  2. Ai caramba! – tough one this. Benicio del Toro is all kinds of sexy. I’ll take him any day. He has an intensity about him that I find intriguing. Antonio and Javier are hot pero Benicio inspires.

      • Haha! well, “Hector” is sort of an upgrade from my earlier Chris Kratt (the darker-haired one from Zobomafoo and Wild Kratts) ogling?

        hey, stop laughing @ me …PBS is slim-pickins! >.>

        Josh vs. Joaquin?

  3. Antonio. Ever since I saw him in Madonna’s “Truth or Dare” (when no one in the US even knew who he was), I was like Boing! Benicio turned me off completely in “Licensed to Kill” and Javier is a catch-as-catch-can. Sometimes, he’s amazingly hot and sometimes, not so much. That blond hair in “Skyfall” was not a good look.

  4. Javier Bardem is foine! In “No Country for Old Men”, I wasn’t really checking for him but in Vicky Christina Barcelona…Girl… I’ve never been into Banderas and del Toro is hard on my eyes.

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