Which One?-Oh Sexy Slim

I do like them slim and sexy. So enjoy two that I love, now if the time was right I’d be willing to cut some folks for these two but which one would I cut for first well you’ll just have to wait for that answer. But which one would catch your eye and why, just why?


Ashton Kutcher



Paul Walker


9 thoughts on “Which One?-Oh Sexy Slim

  1. Paul Walker, hands down. He so hot I’m not gonna lie in a contest between him and Brad Pitt he’d win hands down. Lord forgive me Brad. That’s why I didn’t put them together. Ashton is cute and all but he ain’t even close Paul Walker. Okay so I’d cut Brad to get next to him, his body is banging and them beautiful eyes and nice smile. Yea I’d be all over that like a cheap suit.

  2. Paul Walker. It’s the blue eyes,curled locks and something about a wet shirt. In this picture there’s a hint of roguish charm in his demeanour.

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