Just Cause I Like It


I’m not going lie I don’t know who this is but I saw this picture on tumblr and ‘O. M. G. he is beautiful’. And don’t come on here saying he’s not your type or he don’t do nothing for you. I don’t care about your opinion at this moment :). This man is gorgeous, he’s got the most beautiful smile, eyes, the perfect nose, he’s just got that handsome thing going on. I just put this picture up cause I like it. I really am awestruck by how beautiful this man is, I’m a sucker for classic handsome All-American guy look. If that’s not your bag, hey that’s your problem not mine LOL.

I’m not single anymore, I have a beautiful husband. But really if I were I think I’d hunt this man down just so I could see him up close to know he’s real. Because he’s so gorgeous he looks unreal. Oh handsome men of the world I’m weak for you. I’ve gotten in a lot of trouble over handsome men and some of it was actually worth it.


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