Which One?-My 90s Crush

In college I did swoon over quite a few men on the big screen and the little one. Here are two, now I don’t know what either is doing now. Well, one is over on twitter just ranting but I’ll forgive that. Right now we’re trying to figure out who between the two. Yes, go back in your minds to the glory days of their hotness. I always do. And yes, I’ll need the why.


John Cusack



Keanu Reeves

3 thoughts on “Which One?-My 90s Crush

  1. Lord this one was tough because I still got crushes on both these dudes. My 90s were filled with hotness. But I’m going to have to go with Keanu Reeves, all I remember is ‘Point break’ I can’t get that hotness out of my mind he was so fine in that movie. He still fine though.

  2. Keanu – dark hair everywhere! Well in all the right places. In the 90s Keanu was as hot as they came. He was definitely a 90s crush for me.

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