Which One?-Pretty Eyes

Yes another thing I love about men are the ones with pretty eyes. I love pretty eyes, ask Mr. Berg his are gorgeous. So I found these two men, well I didn’t find them they came to me in a dream where I’m surrounded by handsome men with pretty eyes. I was mesmerized, it can happen. So which one, ladies? Don’t be shy, don’t say you can resist them pretty eyes. Why did you pick who you did?


Michael Ealy



Jesse Williams

8 thoughts on “Which One?-Pretty Eyes

  1. Michael Ealy. I like pretty men but I love strong, masculine men too especially because I know they’re not afraid to play rough and tumble with me when I want. Pretty eyes on a strong face with a defined jaw (nice lips too) – so Michael Ealy it is.

  2. Jesse. Definitely Jesse. When I first saw him it was some random picture somewhere on the ‘net, no caption. So I had no idea who he was but his eyes just reached out and grabbed me. That ocean green in that light brown skin is mesmerizing.

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