Which One?-Smooth and Suave

I love good looking men and even more being 40, I like male stars around my own age. I can ogle younger and I can admire older but since I’m middle-aged I’m drawn to middle age. Middle-aged sexy I like to call it. Now these two are bachelors and both seem like they’ll be lifelong bachelors but that’s okay you can still pick one. So which one and why?
Also, see if you can tell me which one is smooth and which one is suave.


George Clooney



Gerard Butler


18 thoughts on “Which One?-Smooth and Suave

  1. George ain’t gonna get no votes, not even a sympathy one from me. I’m not particularly attracted to George. He’s always seemed kind of ordinary to me except when he puts on a tuxedo then he’s transformed into fine. But Gerard is fine all day long. I seen him wear a kilt and I was in love. He looked so good in ‘300’ it was enough to make a grown woman cry. So it’s Gerard all the way and I do like a nice Scottish accent.

  2. No brainer, Gerard Butler, he has roguish charm and sex appeal and is endearing. He is Mr. Smooth (& Suave) while George is Mr. Suave.

  3. Gerard!! There’s something about him that is super-attractive and dreamy. I can’t even dissect it. Clooney does zilch for me. yawnsville. (Same with the much-admired P. Walker *yawn*, next to G.B., paul’s extra-boriiiing.)

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