Thanks for Killing Time With Me

Thanks to everyone who wasted time with me while I broke my social media diet for a moment. It has been fun and worth it. I hope those that posted responses for the first time will come back when I come back and comment again. Now time for me to get back to watching seasons of the series ‘Adam-12’. It was made during the time I was being created and born but if I’d been around I would have had a huge crush on Kent McCord who played Officer Jim Reed, dang he was fione! Oh I’m such a naughty girl.


4 thoughts on “Thanks for Killing Time With Me

  1. Lol…I watched Adam 12 as a kid. Reruns since I too was being created and wasn’t old enough, even when the show ended, to appreciate it. I was a nerd but I liked looking at the guys on all those old shows. Bonanza and any of the old shows with hotties and I was tuned in. I used to say that I didn’t like boys. I think that I lied. Lolz

    • LOL. I just started watching Adam-12 I’ve always loved cop & detective shows and I started watching this after watching four seasons of Dragnet LOL. But good gracious Kent McCord was some kind of fine. I’m on season 5 now w/ two seasons to go, I look forward to ogling Officer Jim Reed but I don’t feel nothing for Malloy LOL.

  2. LOL!! *Adam 12*?! you’re killing me… ^>^ I haven’t thought about that in ages(used play in afternoon reruns on a local channel)… Enjoy!

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