Which One?-Class Acts

I know I should stop but I just can’t. I keep coming up with good comparisons, at least to me. You know this one just came to me, I didn’t have them as a pair. But I think this one is good. So which one would not mind spending a classy moment with and why that gentleman?


Tony Goldwyn



Jon Hamm

8 thoughts on “Which One?-Class Acts

  1. I keep peeking to check if you’ve added more choices.
    Jon Hamm, head full of dark hair, those eyes and I get the sense he’d be an interesting person to spend a few hours with.

  2. Tony Goldwyn is old enough to be my father and I think he is one of the sexiest men on earth. Even when he plays bad guys I find him irresistable, but especially as President Grant on Scandal. I’ve seen him in old movies and tv shows like Ghost and Frasier and he seems to get better looking the older he gets, which is amazing!

    Jon Hamm is very handsome, and seems like a nice man, but I just don’t find him sexy for some reason.

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