Which One?- I Spy Sexy

Okay, so I’m breaking my own rule. So be it. But I just thought of this one today. Now put that one is crazy as a 3 dollar bill out of your mind for a moment. And on pure sex appeal and I do mean pure sex appeal. Give it to me, which one? Now both have played spies one more dashing than the other but I think it’s a good comparison. Yes, I’ll want the why.


Tom Cruise



Pierce Brosnan

12 thoughts on “Which One?- I Spy Sexy

  1. Now I know everybody giving Tom Cruise cause he’s short but if you’re a short woman you need to stop. It’s hard for tall women to find tall men cause every man is looking for a damn spinner! Okay let me stop ranting and choose. I love Tom even though he’s kind of loopy I’ve forgiven him for that, he’s got that beautiful smile but I’m not picking him. Here’s why, not because Pierce Brosnan was a fine James Bond because Daniel Craig is better. It’s because of Pierce Brosnan in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ he was so sexy in that movie. And the fact that he loves his wife, she is atypical for Hollywood, a full figured woman and I’m sure he get a lot of flack for that but he don’t give a hell he loves that woman. That just tells me so much about his character and he sexy and tall too. Yea he’s got it wrapped up.

  2. Brosnan for me… I prefer his look in general, accent is a plus.

    Cruise has always looked goofy(& not in a good way) to me…. ‘never understood his appeal.>.<

      • I love goofy(& some spazzy laffs), so it’s extra weird that I’ve always been so meh on TC even when my gfs were melting into puddles during Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, etc.

        • I didn’t watch Top Gun till here a year ago for the first time. I laughed so hard, that was comedy gold. I wasn’t always feeling him when he was younger but as he gets older he’s held more appeal for me. In that second Mission Impossible (although the story was stolen from Hitchcock’s Notorious) I was sprung.

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