Which One?-Tough but Sweet

Oh this will be my last WHICH ONE? for this month. I’ll be continuing my social media diet after this for the remainder of the month but this has been fun. It gave me something to focus on while I wait for Christmas celebration. I just wanted to say that in reality I find every one of these men attractive. Extremely attractive in fact, this was just a little experiment because we can certainly say that we don’t like this or that but we’ve got a preference. Lets be for real if I were single sitting in a bar and Ashton Kutcher came up and wanted to holler, I’d holler back! It’s not like I’d say ‘oh no, you’re not handsome enough’. Handsome is handsome, I would not turn down one of these men if they wanted to eat crackers in my bed. Hey, I’d be willing to drink some folks dirty bath water, not the best image but you get where I’m coming from. Let’s be real. But it’s just fun for me to think, if I ever had a choice (which only happens in my fantasy land and my stories) who would I turn down and why?

This my last offering but I’ll bring this back because it’s been an interesting debate. Seems we have some folks with a real penchant for beards, muscle bound dudes, nice deep voices, dark hair, and light eyes. You know who you are. My personal favorite is blond hair, blue eyes, keen noise, slim but muscular and tall. That does mean I wouldn’t take the Rock, hell nawl! I would, most gladly and enjoy him. If you’d refuse a man because of hair and eye color, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and call you stupid. I got a preference, but it don’t make me blind to good looks.

But for my last choice, I like both of these men and yes I find them extremely attractive. They both have played tough guys but they both seem so sweet. One more than the other, I’ll tell you why later. So you’re in the bar, book store, park, coffee shop and two good looking men are giving you the eye. You know the ‘come hither’ look who do you go to and why?


Jeremy Renner



Jake Gyllenhaal

5 thoughts on “Which One?-Tough but Sweet

  1. I love Jeremy Renner, I really do. But Jake Gyllenhaal got something about him, he seems really male, goofy, sexy as hell all at the same time. I’ve seen really silly photos of him and ones that make your jaw drop. And them blue eyes, he’s got some gorgeous eyes and that body is cut up like julienned veggies, he got it going on.

  2. Jeremy went up the man-o-metre for me after I watched Avengers. But Jake has the dark hair, laugh lines, whispers of a beard and good body.

  3. Renner for that twinkle of mischief in his eyes. Gyllenhaal is just too sweet looking. Renner looks like the guys you can take home to mama then take to your bed and play tie me up tie me down games. 😀

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