Yea I’m Not Coming Back and I’m Telling Too

Yea I’m not coming back from my social media diet anytime soon and I’m telling on tumblr.



16 thoughts on “Yea I’m Not Coming Back and I’m Telling Too

  1. Thanks for shouting me out Eugenia and again, congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes I will keep telling BW on Fakebook (UGH) and the blog to chill on being thirsty she-men. I wrote that on BWW site and got attacked from a chick or three but it is what it is many are thirsty she-men doing the male job of approaching its so sad what 3 generations of fatherlessness has done to us as a Woman. Young ones and swirl newbies need to listen to their elders of the swirl.

    I am blogging daily as part of NaBloPoMo so this gives the opportunity to get the message out more.

    • Thank you so much for continuing to get the word out to bw especially young ones about these wm online doing the okey-doke. It’s unbelievable how many thirsty bw there are out there. And swirling is not helping them one bit, it’s just as someone said, it’s like Blackistan all over again. As long as bw have no idea how to vet, expanding our dating options will mean nothing.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooo. Say it ain’t so! I’ll continue to miss your shoot from the hip perspective. But I understand the need to take care of yourself and keep the negativity out of your life .

  3. I’m a bit bias, I so enjoy your input and look forward to them…so I’m not sure I want to agree with your decision. But I get it!
    We are broken. Many of us have had no or little positive male figures and positive marital relationships to pull from, we don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like.
    Because of that we don’t know where to begin when seeking a relationship. I’ve said it before, and will continue to say it, interracial dating is not the remedy for our problems. Instilling morals, love of self, understanding the importance of responsibility to self and community are all essential. A broken woman will lead a broken lifestyles.
    Dogs come in every race, shade and ethnicity. While we advocate and counsel black women to look outside of the black community, we need to push them toward getting much needed mental health care.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening and a Bless New Year!

    • Thank you so much, I’m just feel right now I still need the break. And yes IR dating and marriage is not the panacea to make everything better for bw. If we had all those things you spoke about the blk community would probably be better. What I see some bw doing to themselves in the IR dating arena just makes me mad and sad all at once. Right now I have assess how can I help bw and make sure to see about myself and my hubby. I got to take some time. Have a wonderful new year too.

  4. This is so sad yet not surprising to me. Eventually the effects of lack of positive loving male father figures in may BW’s lives, the constant social/societal attacks on Black womanhood, and the disrespect and lack of love given by Black community and Black men would lead BW to such behaviors.

    As you mentioned, I too feel a lot of BW have given up and are just willing to settle for any old kind of male attention and will do ANYTHING OBVIOUS (posting naked pics of themselves) to get it.

    There are a lot of BW out there who need mental help and therapy. Many will never get it or get it once its too late. We also do not need another huge influx of OOW kids being born to BW in the interracial arena. The way some of these BW are acting they will surely not have the capacity to raise healthy minded bi racial children.

    • Neecy, I cannot agree with you more. I keep seeing more and more bw swirling, I know you and I have always agreed that bw bringing these same sorry vetting skills are going to backfire on them. Yes a bunch of bw are in need of some mental health help with the inferiority complexes. What I saw just made me sad and scared.

  5. The women doing this need professional help. No one sane person would do this for free. Aren’t they worried about losing their jobs, ruining their careers? What about their future husbands? I can only imagine what my husband would have said if he or his friends had found nude pictures of me on the internet for anyone to view. We would probably not be married.

    • Many of the women I see are young early 20s, I’ve seen older ones but the majority are young and just naive. Many young people just don’t think about tomorrow or it’s consequences. I can’t say I went a ton of blogs because after awhile I’d had enough but you can tell who was reblogging those photo and how many folks had seen them and it was a lot, hundreds sometimes a couple of thousand. Men were requesting that women send them nude photos and you know what, women were doing it. I’m telling you, there were maybe 5 or 6 I perused to see if I had something here, if I could come to a conclusion. After I did the conclusion was there are a lot of young bw in need of healthy attention and reinforcement because the wolves are out and getting to them. Many of the blogs were claiming to celebrate black womanhood and how beautiful black women were but much of it was just free porno from willing participants. I mean if you feel bad about yourself, your beauty, who you are what better way to feel better than have some kind tell you, you’re beautiful. As it is with many bw, many of them think all they have to offer a man is their body. I was sad because I think bw have just given up, given up the idea that they are worthy of anything. I saw one young bw’s blog giving bw advice on how to hook up with strange wm and have sex, it’s pathological.

      • “I saw one young bw’s blog giving bw advice on how to hook up with strange wm and have sex, it’s pathological” . That is so scarey! Life is not easy. I am currently struggling. I think my mother, aunts, grandmothers in my family both sides has experienced domestic violence. I am 31, would like a kind man, but I am so scared that history shall repeat itself. I am seeking counseling again, it also is a matter of finding the correct therapist that can get you. I have learned alot in your vlogs and blogs, Eugenia I thank you.

  6. To say you’ll be missed is an understatement. But you need to do you and if you are enjoying your freedom from social media, why rush back to the muss and the fuss?

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    • Yea I’m not in any rush to get back to it. Not many things cause me anxiety but social media has started to and there’s no pressing need for it. I’m optioning out. I want to tell you, how much I loved your two articles on BB&W the one about white men getting a pass and opting out of white women’s version of feminism, they were effing awesome. I just peeped in today LOL.

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