There Is A Difference

There is a difference between self-sabotage and vetting. Do you understand what it is? I’ve written two other blogs pertaining to self-sabotage and vulnerability in relationships, please check those out, this is one and here is the other. Please enjoy them, I think they add to this conversation. Please feel free to ask me any questions you’d like.

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Which One?-Edgy and Dark

There is something definitely sexy about dark, edgy men you may not want to date one but there’s a certain something that will draw you. Maybe it’s the mystery, suspense, the pure animal lust. These two actors I find dark and mysterious, edgy and sexy. It’s hard to choose sometimes but it’s always fun to try so which one ladies? Please make sure to give your whys and wherefores.


Colin Farrell



Christian Bale

Which One?-Cute Men

As you know I’m social media lite these days during the pregnancy but I haven’t completely given it up. Especially the fun side that I enjoy, which is ogling hot and cute men. Now, I have a thing for blonde men, always have I think it has to do with my first little crush in 2nd grade, his name was Todd Brooks, he had a blonde page boy cutest little boy ever. I struck then and I still love them blondes today.

These two I find so cute but very hard to say who is the cutest, so you get to say and then tell me why. For those who just aren’t feeling blonde men like myself, it’s okay, not everyone has my excellent taste. Have fun!


Simon Baker



Charlie Hunnam