Don’t Let Folks Scare You

There are a lot of men and women trying to scare you when it comes to love and relationships. Don’t let others fear rule you.



6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Folks Scare You

  1. Thanks for using my previous comment as one of your discussion points in the vlog.
    Black women do need to be more carefree e.g. smile more, laugh often – laugh alot, be a fun person by engaging in fun activities (sometimes fun activities are free or cheap). Don’t let the struggle be you or define you so much so that you are incapable of living a healthy, happy life.

    • That comment you gave just touched a nerve with me b/c I keep feeling that way. BW have been convinced they aren’t supposed to have anything and worse we reinforce it in other bw. Our fear, our anger, our bitterness b/c we won’t take responsibility. We keep waiting for someone to give us permission to live a good life. I don’t need anyone’s permission to be happy and fulfilled, that is what God desires for me and so I’m taking it and running with it.

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