Which One?-Edgy and Dark

There is something definitely sexy about dark, edgy men you may not want to date one but there’s a certain something that will draw you. Maybe it’s the mystery, suspense, the pure animal lust. These two actors I find dark and mysterious, edgy and sexy. It’s hard to choose sometimes but it’s always fun to try so which one ladies? Please make sure to give your whys and wherefores.


Colin Farrell



Christian Bale


14 thoughts on “Which One?-Edgy and Dark

  1. Both are great looking, but Christian Bale is taller and doesn’t seem to have Colin Farrell’s potty mouth, so Christian wins.

      • Profanity has always been a turn off for me, since childhood. And in all of the Colin Farrell interviews I’ve read, every other word out of his mouth was a curse. Not my cup of tea.

        • I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in an interview, at least not in a long time. But we’re all not each other’s cup of tea so to say. On any list I ever had ‘ cursing or not cursing was never a consideration. And in this contest, as I’ve said before I’m not judging on. morality, I’m going completely on looks. Don’t get to do that a lot and it’s kind of fun. It’s not that serious. Have fun with it. I talk serious a lot on this blog, this one moment I ‘let my hair down’ so to say 🙂

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