I wanted to reblog this because it’s true. We’re so busy trying to sell everything and everybody we’ve given up our innocence and have ripped it from children. We’re all gonna pay for this.

There Is Nothing Funny About Emotional Abuse


The tweet last night about the 9 year old actress Quvenzhané Wallis from The Onion had no element of joke or satire about it. It was a verbal assault disguised as a joke. When will people get that emotional abuse is harmful and does long term damage to people and yes words do hurt alot. The quote I use is from the book, ‘The Emotionally Abusive Relationship’ by Beverly Engel.

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Rant: People Need To Find Something To Do

I haven’t written a post in a long time but I’m not up to getting gussied up to be in front of the camera. So I’m writing today, I don’t normally do stuff about entertainment unless, of course it’s ogling hot movie stars but I want to talk about this weird obsession I’m finding in the black blogosphere and social media about the show Scandal. Now I’m not taking about fandom, fandom is supposed to be weird but the odd thing I seem to see with blaming the show Scandal for the downfall of marriage to slavery itself. It’s getting weird and kind of stupid. I just started watching Scandal last week and yea I’m hooked. I’m mad at myself cause I watched it, I was not trying to get hooked on any new shows but it’s good. Lots of drama, perfect nighttime soap opera and that’s exactly what it is a nighttime soap. It seems many have forgotten what a soap opera is, yea it’s scandalous, people doing all kinds of underhanded things, folks sleeping with each others wives and husbands, plotting people’s murders and downfalls. Yea that’s what a soap opera entails lots of drama, it’d be boring and not much of a drama if everyone was living right. I used to watch the daytime soaps as a teen, I did not miss all the drama I loved it. I have to say I watched the nighttime soaps of the 80s, Dallas and Dynasty I knew what they were even as a kid, they were entertainment, they were fantasy and although I was also envious of Erica Kane’s wardrobe on ‘All My Children’ since I knew it was entertainment and not real it didn’t shape how I felt about life or marriage.

But for some reason it seems that show Scandal has now been blamed for all ills of the day. Last night I read this article on Black and Married With Kids saying how Scandal is distorting many black women’s and black people’s views on marriage, at least that’s the feeling she got at the salon. I was confused by the article and like many commenters I thought ‘are you for real this is TV show’ if people are taking their life clues from TV I would suggest they get mental help. I’m not saying TV doesn’t influence people, it does but to the lengths that it seems Scandal is being said to influence people it’s ridiculous overreaction. I mean I’ve watched Scandal twice and it’s full of as much fantasy as Lord of the Rings, I keep waiting for a dragon to fly out the sky and scoop a character up it’s so full of fantasy but that’s great. Fantasy is a great thing it makes great writers and movies, everything can’t be real and based in real life, imagination is a good thing. It brings new ideas and concepts many we do use in real life but not all. Now this article isn’t the first time I’ve heard from black women that somehow Scandal is the complete downfall of mankind because Olivia and the President are getting it on and he’s married. Which is to really say a black woman and white man are getting it on and he’s married. Shonda Rimes has two other nighttime soap operas on ABC, one is Grey’s Anatomy which I never watched and the other is Private Practice which I used to watch. Both of which had as much drama and scandal and sleeping around as Scandal does. They both also had black male characters who were involved in extramarital affairs as the shows storyline but I don’t remember all this hand wringing and gasping and swooning about that. Which makes me believe that this drama about marriage and Scandal distorting black women’s view of marriage is really just a ‘we don’t like to see a black woman and white man together’. We just don’t like it. You know I’d take all this more seriously if I’d seen this kind of uproar regarding black men in extramarital affairs in TV shows but surprise, surprise I don’t see that. I’m going to call this what it, hypocrisy, I know a hypocrite when I see one and read one. You know all this talk of people somehow being too dumb to distinguish TV from real life gets me. You mean to tell me, someone can graduate from college, buy a home, balance a check book, and work a job but when it comes to TV well, girl you’re to damn stupid to know what’s real and fake. Huh, what? Personally I’m insulted that someone would imply that about me so I’m definitely not about to agree with it. So yes, I know what the characters are doing on Scandal is scandalous that’s what makes it worth watching every week. But there is a difference between what is allowed in entertainment and what is allowed in my real life. Now if you can’t distinguish between TV and real life, that’s on you but don’t project your own lack of critical thinking skills onto me. I will not allow it. And please while you’re at it find something to do.


The Loss

It is hard when you lose a dream, something you held so close, loved so much, hoped and prayed for. It’s just hard to lose it. I’ll be taking this down in a few weeks.