There Is Nothing Funny About Emotional Abuse


The tweet last night about the 9 year old actress Quvenzhané Wallis from The Onion had no element of joke or satire about it. It was a verbal assault disguised as a joke. When will people get that emotional abuse is harmful and does long term damage to people and yes words do hurt alot. The quote I use is from the book, ‘The Emotionally Abusive Relationship’ by Beverly Engel.

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8 thoughts on “There Is Nothing Funny About Emotional Abuse

  1. This incident made me very angry. Some sections called it satire and supported the onion’s right to free speech – that was not satire and rights carry corresponding responsibilities. What angered me the most was the limited support for this beautiful little girl, a number of people said ‘they apologised so everything is alright’ it is not because I believe there is a systemic and historical problem that has not been addressed and the insult levelled on the most important night of this year for her is symptomatic. I agree, this is bullying and intimidation of a small girl who did nothing wrong but exhibit talent and be herself, a well rounded, smart and extroverted child.
    I called out this cowardly and intimidating behaviour on facebook (I don’t have a blog and no twitter) and raised the issue of protecting black girls amongst my community. I have not read and will not be reading the onion, the staff at the onion and particularly the coward who insulted Quvenzhane can kick rocks.

    • Actually a lot of people came out against the onion over this “so-called” joke. Non BP that is. I’m not saying that there weren’t BP that didn’t come out against them, but most were non black. That’s sad.

      • You know I’m not giving anybody pats on the back for being against that, they should have been hot about it. I just wanted it known that it sucked that this happened to the young Ms. Wallis but this is happening all the time, everywhere. I want ppl’s ire up every time they see someone getting emotionally abused or when someone tries to emotionally abuse them. Jokes used to emotionally abuse ppl is particularly heinous and malicious. It’s that for this very reason b/c if you’re hurt by it everyone wants to act like you’re a stick in the mud or you have no sense of humor instead of holding the abuser responsible for being abusive.

    • I’ve promised myself that everytime I see ppl being emotionally abused, I’m calling it out. I’ve had enough it’s an epic in this country and no one wants to acknowledge it.

  2. Good to see you back in action!

    Uuuuuuuuugh that tweet. 😐 It was not funny. It was not edgy. It was stupid.

    As I’ve said, some people use “humor” to get away with a lot of ugly things. And you’re right, it’s emotional abuse. I’ve seen emotional abusers use cruel jokes to hurt people. And the goal IS to hurt and upset.

    As such saying something is meant to be funny or I’m just kidding doesn’t cut it. It’s a cop out meant to cover one’s behind.

    There are all kinds of humor, but some things are not and will never be funny. At least to anyone with some form of class.

    • I’ve seen it too many times but I didn’t know exactly what it was until I read in this book it was verbal abuse disguised as a joke. But I knew something was wrong b/c you see the uncomfortable looks on ppl’s faces. The uncomfortable laughter. The look of shock and confusion so we know it’s wrong but I’m calling ppl out on it now. And yes ppl use the guise of humor to get away with all kinds of heinous crap but they’re not gonna use it with me. That was emotional abuse and a verbal assault, plain and simple.

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