Stop Giving People Benefit of the Doubt


It’s time to stop giving folks benefit of the doubt and to start listening to your instincts. They are there for a reason.



2 thoughts on “Stop Giving People Benefit of the Doubt

  1. I have been catfished five times in a row! the money thing, done the other stuff too! Nope, not desperation but extremely naive!
    If you wondering why this women the same age as me is so behind, so messed up, so uneducated, and fearful. Its because I have literally been hiding away allowing life and experiences pass by.
    I did feel shame about that for a long time, but God wakes me up for a reason and there is No shame in the Lord!
    I am loving me more and more everyday! I’m reading and viewing your blogs for education, and to walk strongly in life because I choose to live and participate in it!
    I thank you for your time and knowledge!
    I have a new chance at being loved and “without risk, there is No reward”.

    • Oh no Miss Delia. You know how I avoided catfish, I held ppl accountable. I didn’t do long distance, not my bag but if I had we’d had have to met in a month when I did online in my city. If I didn’t meet you in a week, you was done. I didn’t have time to waste with men running game. Hold ppl accountable, if ppl don’t do what they say they gone do question them about it. Speak up for yourself.

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