I Think I’ve Changed My Mind

I was a die hard advocate of online dating but with some of the stuff I’ve been seeing and hearing about it lately. Yea, I think I’ve changed my mind. One of my twitter friends gave me the name of a good book on online dating, The Rules On Online Dating by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. If you’re thinking of online dating, please check it out. I like The Rules girlS.

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7 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Changed My Mind

  1. Thanks so much. I’m newly divorced and still fighting for custody of my children. In additional two children have proceed me in death. So sometimes I have been very angry,but I’ve also been praying about ways to enjoy the gift of my life. I needed to hear this message. I’m healing and started to get out more to enjoy the gift of my life and my children lives. Take care and thanks

  2. Thanks so much for the shour out. Great post as usual. I’m with you; it seems like the dating trolls have rushed in to the online dating sites and they are having a hey day. You’re right; nothing takes the place of vetting. Vet, vet, vet – and vet AGAIN!. There’s a great big ole world out there, and a lot of women just need to engage themselves in it. SMH

    • Ah you’re welcome, i know we had this conversation before particularly about the Dr. Phil show episodes. Many women and men are missing out on great ppl b/c they’re busy online with shysters and time wasters. Men are doing this on pay and free dating sites, it don’t matter. I never used an interracial dating site and probably a few years ago it may have been okay but some of the things I’m hearing that men are up to and women are falling for, yes makes me want to reiterate the message. Please, please, please VET these men.

  3. “Had to make sure my fro was tight before I started”.


    I really do see your point. I’m still thinking of that woman who met a guy on one of the dating sites (Match.com?) who tried to stab her when she said she didn’t want to date him anymore. :S

    What’s especially worrying to me is some women ignore their instincts when it comes to meeting people because they want to be “fair”. This is especially gets scary when dealing with some guy they just met online. There’s nothing wrong with cutting off a man you’ve just met if you feel like you’re not safe.

    Great video.

    • I just did a vlog a few days ago about women needing to stop giving benefit of the doubt to people particularly men they’re dating and getting to know. I’m not sure why it seems women will things slide online, I’m sure they wouldn’t let slide if they saw it in real life. It just seems too many ppl are suspending their disbelief to date online. Even worse, a bunch of men are now hip to the game and taking advantage.

      And good thing my fro was looking good 🙂

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