Why Is BWE Still Talking About Black Men?

Anger is a legitimate emotion, continual anger is just victimhood. Victimhood doesn’t empower anyone.



4 thoughts on “Why Is BWE Still Talking About Black Men?

    • I was asked that previously, I’m not naming names. But trust me, I’ve seen it enough that I thought I’d say something. But I will not be blog fighting with ppl, there’s enough of that going on with black women blogs.

  1. It takes a lot of energy to sustain that kind of anger. That’s a tremendous burden, you can’t move forward. I need black women to be enlightened, maybe then it will give way to legitimate empowerment.

    Like you said they look like they really want the approval.

    • That kind of continual anger takes tremendous energy and ppl can’t fool me by being flippant about their anger. I know anger when I see even when ppl try to mask it as a joke. I keep seeing the same articles about black men with the underlying anger on many BWE blogs. It’s been four years now I’ve read many of these blogs and many have never moved beyond this. I’m just wondering, why and what are they getting out if this. Because for ppl to continue to do it you have to be getting something out of it.

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