Do You Care For Long Hair?

I love natural hair movement but I’m not loving this odd obsession with having long hair. There are two videos because I interrupted and had to take care of some business.

images (21)

5 thoughts on “Do You Care For Long Hair?

  1. Had to add, that same acquaintance told me later that I had ‘goddess hair’, okay lol first was messing with the 70s sensibilities of people, now rocking a goddess do lol, same hair.

  2. Thank you for doing this. I agree. Hair was a big deal in my house growing up. My mother biracial and father black. My hair was more like my father’s. I was considered to have very less ‘manageable’ hair. I love what you said how it is your body and you can do then what you want with it! That is the whole point! I had a white acquaintance of mine tell me since I reside in Idaho that me wearing a big afro would make others in Idaho uncomfortable. She stated it would mess with people’s 70’s sensibilities. LOL! I have been doing just fine with my afro and other hair styles I have chosen for myself. Love also how you said that your hair is not a political statement. Amen. Just hair, and just let people be!

    • I hate when ppl tell me about someone being uncomfortable with me and my whatever. What does that have to do w/ me I’m comfortable, let them be uncomfortable. It’s not your job to make ppl comfortable with you. Do with your hair what makes you happy, then you’ll be happy and comfortable. To me that’s what matters. I’m glad you liked the vlog, I’m sick of folks obsession with trying to use their hair as a way to make others feel inferior. I’ve just had enough.

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