Can I Make You Comfortable?

It’s not your business if people are uncomfortable with you.



2 thoughts on “Can I Make You Comfortable?

  1. You are so right. I find the obsession with pregnant celebrities’ appearances disturbing. People need to back off. I can’t believe the media can act like monitoring the weight and shape of pregnant celebrities is nothing less than disturbing. What about the health of the mother and the baby? It’s bizarre and twisted and I blame the media. As for losing weight after pregnancy, celebs are going to do it a little faster than most cos they have a lot of assistance and their shape is their livelihood. Their actions are really just machinations of their weird world but I blame the media for broadcasting it. Anyway, good post.

    • As much as it sucks for celebrities and it does, it’s worse for regular women. We get the backlash from this, we’re now expected to get into form like these women. I don’t care what no one says no woman not unless she’s gone under the knife can look like her supermodel self or better a month after having a baby. I’m calling the impossible, impossible.

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