All your relationships should be reciprocal, love, family and friendships.



12 thoughts on “Reciprocity

  1. Agreed on reciprocity. Social media can be the great tool to connect with people, but I sometimes feel it’s abused as much as it’s leveraged. So instead of talking things out 1-on-1, or letting things go, people would rather have a social media fit. People are entitled to their perspective, but that doesn’t mean others HAVE to agree with them. I’ll never understand why people get butt-hurt over critiques of something they’ve put in the PUBLIC domain. If you’re that sensitive, pack up and go home, Roger (Sister, Sisterâ„¢).

    • You know that’s why I keep this blog small, I mean I ban all drama here. But you can’t want a big blog and lots of readership but not want ppl to voice their opinions. You can’t have it your way when you want a big blog, you gotta take the good with the bad which includes other blogs commenting about your blog. I don’t see The Root and HuffPo running around all hurt over every contrary opinion to their blog articles. People aren’t going to argue with me here but if you got something to say on your blog about what I say, go right ahead. I probably won’t see it b/c I don’t roam the internet. It’s a dangerous place LOL.

  2. You said a mouth full. It’s important to have people who stand by you, love you and appreciate you, but also know when to call you on your sh8t. If all you have around you are yes, men and women, you will eventually fail.
    As far as the name calling goes, absolutely tasteless and tacky. But don’t worry about what people call you, it’s what you answer to that matters.

  3. Great, great, great video. I figured out what happened (Twitter + FB + the previous vid = my conclusion). I believe that you must be able to disagree with your friends/family without guilt or blame being thrown around. I agree with everything that you said.

      • Say what?!?! Please tell me that didn’t happen 😦 That is such a demeaning and low-class thing to say about someone. This speaks volumes about the trashiness of the ACCUSER, not you. Classy people don’t speculate those things in a public forum. Real ladies don’t speak or imply things about other women’s virtue or morality- which is why I’ll avoid saying too much.. I’m just going to say this (and this has been true in my life as well as what I’ve seen from others): those that call other people names are projecting their self-image issues onto others. Women that view themselves as hoes call other women hoes. Women that view themselves as ugly call other ugly, and so forth. Just tasteless.

        • This exactly how it was implied ‘I didn’t have experience with wm b/c I didn’t have a slew of lovers before I was married’ now that little tidbit was said to me b/c I said I had more experience regarding wm and I thought many bw talking about IR dating like they’re experts shouldn’t talk about it when all they’ve had is a date with one man and married him. I’m sorry, I stand behind that statement, but I wasn’t speaking to the particular person, I didn’t call their names, I didn’t single them out. They just assumed I did w/o asking me which really made an ass out of them, the sheer arrogance of it all the world don’t revolve around them my world certainly don’t. Experience means all kinds of things I wasn’t sheltered so I’ve know white guys as friends, in laws, dated some but that don’t mean we were ‘lovers’. Actually I’ve had very few boyfriends and I was married at 27, so I was thinking whaa? Yea I can read between the lines, I’m not stupid sometimes all you have is inference. I know what to infer from that statement.

          • I see how that statement could be offensive. It does sound like a thinly veiled insult. I don’t like it when people throw shade: it tells me a lot about their insecurities. It was in very poor taste.

          • It was a conversation between two ppl and no one else so my only thought was you’re talking to me so you’re talking about me. That’s the only thing I could figure, ppl can clean it up but that’s a day late and dollar short. I have never thrown other folks past proven mistakes in there face, so that was totally unnecessary. Not every experience with a man that brings you insight or knowledge have to be a sexual one, that was the implication. That could have been said so many other ways.

  4. Equally Yoked, rather if its a lover, family or friend! I truly can understand where your statement means. Took a long time for me to actually learn to / know that I can say No, and how the other person felt about me saying it was their issue.

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