I Cry

I’m a cryer. I will cry. Although sometimes I may appear stoic, I’m a very sensitive person so sensitive that there are things I avoid not to be brought to tears. One of the things I try to avoid and don’t always succeed are sad movies. If someone tells me a movie will make me cry, I put it on my ‘do not watch’ list immediately. I try my best to avoid any movie where possible crying will ensue but I’ve been caught off guard once in awhile. Then I end up being a balling bundle of heaving sobs. I love movies and my thought is to try to cry when I watch them alone at home. I have enough tissues there but I’ve been known to break down in the theater. And what movies do I cry at, you may ask. Well I’ll give you some of my all time favorite tear-jerkers and why I was crying like a colicky baby at them.

The Yearling– yea I did when the deer dies I’m pretty much done and I can’t help but cry at those down home movies.

An Affair To Remember- with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, I’ve never cried looking at a Cary Grant movie but the first time I caught this one on the late, late show I weeped profusely. When he discovered she was in the wheelchair, yea I’m tearing up now.

West Side Story -my cousin and I were crying like idiots at the end of that movie.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s -that movie wasn’t even sad but the scene in the rain, I was so done.

Roman Holiday– I was so shocked when I started to cry watching this, it was completely unexpected. I couldn’t take it that they couldn’t be together, it was too much for my sensitive soul.

To Kill A Mockingbird– I’ve seen that movie more times than I can count and every time Robert Duvall appears as Boo Radley from behind the door, I just completely breakdown. I have not once not cried at that movie. I know this is my third Gregory Peck film on this list but really the man could act.

The Joy Luck Club– I was in the theater in full blown body heaves crying the entire movie. The entire movie. There was something about the story of mothers and daughters that resonated with me so deeply, I couldn’t help it. It’s a damn good movie too.

Saving Private Ryan– I’ve only watched it once, I can’t watch it again I was so moved. I was overcome with grief. You have no soul if you don’t cry at that movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button– yea I cried when she was holding the old baby, the man that she loved and he died.

The Outsiders– okay, I saw it in class in the 7th grade that’s how much it moved me, I remember everything about it. I remember crying when Johnny died and Dallas went out and got himself killed on purpose. I tried not to let the other kids see me but it was hard but they were crying too.

Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King-I’m sorry when they all bowed to the hobbits at Aragon’s coronation, I couldn’t take it. It was an incredibly moving moment. Then when they figured out Frodo was leaving, yea I so invested in those characters after three movies it was too much.

Imitation of Life– the later one with Lana Turner, if you’ve never seen it you need to see it. It was so sad and tragic, I was wailing, I really was.

Now those are just a few but I’ve also had people tell me I’m going to cry at a movie and then I saw it and wasn’t moved at, Ghost and The Notebook are examples of that. I don’t get why anyone would cry at such schlock and melodrama but that’s just not my thing. There are two movies I’d like to see that I won’t because I know not only will I cry, I’ll be deeply disturbed forever. Those are The Passion of the Christ and Schindler’s List, want to watch both so bad but it’s not going to happen. I really am an emotional wreck sometimes.

So those are my tear-jerkers. What are yours?



26 thoughts on “I Cry

  1. My mother was crying when my aunt did walk free by leaving this Earth. Almost immediately, I said, “God rest her soul.”

  2. without a doubt, two movies that made me boo hoo cry. one is madame x starring Lana Turner. that one was a definite tear jerker. but one that made me wail FOR DAYS was called ‘hope and redemption: the lena baker story’ starring Tichina Arnold (“pam” from the sitcom Martin). the lena baker story was so moving, and terribly sad, that after i watched i just wailed and wailed. in fact, my eyes are tearing up just thinking about that movie now. if possible, you should see it. but have a box of tissues right by your side if you do. you’ll need it!!!!

  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt2 – when Harry used the resurrection stone, and asked his mom why they were all there, and she said “We never left”…Then the speech Neville gave… And Snape’s flashback – you know what, pretty much the whole last half of it.

    Also, another crier at the “My friends, you bow to no one” at the end of LotR:RotK – I was bawling like a baby.

    Another big one for me, is the end of Armageddon – with the flash that Bruce Willis’ character gets before he dies, with his daughter’s wedding – hoo boy, that one gets me.

    Grave of the Fireflies, and this one episode of Animaniacs I saw when I was a kid, a holiday episode about a piece of gold wrapping paper. I spent like 11 minutes on body-shaking sobs, snotty and completely ugly crying. Insanity.

  4. I did not like the outcome of Roman Holiday – slightly annoyed was my reaction. The first time I ever cried after watching a movie, was at the age of eight or nine and the movie was “The Champ” starring Jon Voight – in retrospect I believe I was traumatised by the ending of that storyline – I was shocked and deeply saddened and I cried. I recall my two bemused younger brothers laughing at me when I could not explain why I was crying and they weren’t (and yet we had watched the exact same film at the same time). I recently found out that the film was used in psychological experiments on emotional responses.

    • I’ve heard about The Champ with Ricky Schroeder, yea it’s on the no-no list. I knew on Roman Holiday they couldn’t be together but the romantic in me just thinking it would. I’m not quite sure why I started crying, when she kissed him and ran back to the castle as he walks away at the end I was so overwrought. I really was shocked I started to cry.

  5. You named some good ones, both in the post and in the comments! I remember my first time crying while watching a movie: I was 8 years old, and the movie was The Lion King. I’ve been a bag of water ever since. You named one of my favorite movies: Roman Holiday (I’m a HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan!) I wanted my happy ending, and when I didn’t get it, I turned to a pile of mush. I cry happy tears, too – I’ll spare you all those movie titles LOL! BTW Yvonne is right: Schindler’s List WILL ruin you-very good, but sad movie.

    • OMG, I was a grown person crying on The Lion King, Disney will get you. I was tore up watching Finding Nemo, I’m telling you I’m crying about fish. Beauty & The Beast did it to me too. Well, looks like Schindler’s List will be on the no-no list for me.

  6. i cry a lot during movies, too. quite embarrassing lol. ‘my girl’ came on the other day and i totally LOST it every time vada cried, especially when thomas j died.

  7. Great list! Those are some great ones. But you forgot a big one ( big to me lol), Titanic does it to me, know matter how many time I watch it. Especially towards the end… Jack, Jack…I’ll never let go! then Celine start to sing and I’m so done. Although, I do think she could have scoot over some. LOL

    • Oh Titanic, a good one. While we’re discussing Kate Winslet I’d like to include my two favorite Jane Austen adaptations Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice both of which I cried on. I need to watch those this weekend.

      • If you like Pride & Prejudice, you must see North & South (the BBC version with Richard Armitage). I liked it better than P&P because the main male character shows greater depth emotionally than Mr.Darcy. Check it out on Youtube – “North & South BBC”.

        • Well, I’ve never seen the BBC version of P & P or North and South. The version of P & P I love is one with Kiera Knightley not particularly b/c of Mr. Darcy b/c when it comes to Austen heroes he’s not my favorite, Col. Brandon is, he’s the perfect man to me. The quiet strength. But Lizzie was what made me cry in that version of P & P, Mr. Darcy was fine but her discovery of herself was so moving.

  8. Those are some really great ones!! I agree with Yvonne – Schlinder’s List will be the end of you and The Passion of the Christ will stay with you. Imitation of Life gets me everytime too. I always have the kleenex ready when I watch Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey and Stella (original movie) with Barbara Stanwyck is good also.

    On an animated note and though it does not qualify as a “movie” – I remember my first tearjerker was Snoopy, Come Home!! 🙂

  9. You just named all my favorite movies. I’m also big on crying and I can’t even tell you what West Side story did to me. I honestly have to prepare myself prior to watching it. Oh, and Schlinders List will ruin you. Just a puddle of tears when its over….I. Just. Can’t. Forrest Gump took me to a whole new level of the ugly cry. I can see stills of the movie to this day and it will make me misty eyed. Yes, I have a problem, don’t judge me..LOL!!

    Great Post

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