Reflections: I’m Happy Right Now

Reflecting on my year as my birthday approaches and how pleased I am at this moment in my life.

Wedding day and honeymoon 158


6 thoughts on “Reflections: I’m Happy Right Now

    • I worked part time and I considered myself a stay at home wife. From 1 day to 3 depending on how many classes I taught. I don’t work now but that’s b/c we’re trying to get pregnant again.

  1. Wishing you a Happy(early) Birthday, E! I don’t always comment but I truly appreciate your vlogs! About the at-home wife thing:

    Wow, been there! In fact, I first noticed this growing up: Some days, my parents would let me have days off (if my grades were solid & I was caught up/ahead at school ) so I’d just go around with my mom shopping & running errands. OMG, it was just as you describe here. Plus we’d often be asked(unless the clerks knew us) if we were ‘off work today’ or on our ‘lunch breaks.’ This is still an ongoing joke between my mom and I. I liked how quiet, leisurely, and less-crowded everything would be and I think even way back then, I decided to be a housewife/at-home-mom. That even became part of my vetting process when dating, I did not want to marry a guy that expected me to work. (An emergency would be a different thing of course but outside of broken legs or something, umm no.)

    So now, there’s a similar scene for me(and my mom too somedays since she’s nearby now! LOL wow, “The more things change…”) w/older people, mostly non-black housewives & moms and a smattering of the ‘out of a job’. …and still the “Where do you work.. lunch break/long lunch eh?” questions. Even at a dentist appt recently. Sometimes I do what mom did often and play along, other days I feel proud and kind of feisty and say sweetly(I hope) “Nooooo, I don’t work outside of the home….”

    I agree that it’s often a trade-off in this economy/time period. I don’t shop/consume on the level of ppl with two incomes or women with a super-high earning husband but we do have some nice things and the occasional treats etc.

    I love & value being able to rest(I can’t take a lot of stress!!), care for myself etc when I want… I love being here for the children(when they’re ill or their school has a break or early dismissal- the sched. is different from the public schools.) …I love being home to get my packages in the mail from USPS/UPS/Fedex!!(LOL)… reading or listening to books…

    …& heck, I love frittering away time online (hey Pinterest pal!!!), lolz. ‘Can’t imagine my life another way!

    Knowing you’re out there too E, chillin’, makes me feel good!!<3

    • LOL, at the ‘are you off today?’ I get that question often and I’m like no, everyday I’m off I’m a stay at home wife. Or are you on vacation, I’m like no everyday is a holiday for me. Most of the time ppl don’t know how to react. I’m not that concerned, I’m just enjoying my life. It’s nice to be leisurely. My bestie called me the other day ad she said, you really are a housewife, you’re a wife and you’re at the house chilling. I died laughing. It is nice to be available for the ppl I love. My mom is having 2nd knee surgery soon so I can go out and stay with her and take care of her as she recovers. I’m glad I can do that and thankful my husband provides me with this kind of laugh. No I’m not pushing a Mercedes but if I was working long hours for that kind of bill the only place I’d anyone would see it would see it would be at the parking lot of my job. No thank you, I’m not about that life. I’m happy to be sitting here looking for more art for our new walls and runners and rugs for the new place. And yes, it’s nice to know that somewhere out there you’re like me, a bw at home enjoying her life and family with a loving husband that makes it so, just the way you want it. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    • Thank you, we’re excited about the birthdays this year. Yes, my pre-afro days I don’t have a lot of pics with my hubby and my afro hopefully we’ll get more on this trip. You never can tell about my hair, next time you see it may be different.

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