There Is Still Joy


As today ends, I’m sad and hopeful. With all the recent tragedy in this country Newtown, tragedies in Chicago, and today the Boston Marathon it seems all we hear about is tragic events. I wake up today and once again people are being killed senselessly.  But with my own recent tragedy that taught me something good can come from something bad I want to share something I got from gr8quotes on FB.

My dear friends, there has been a terrible tragedy in our world today. This is clear, apparent and obvious. There has been loss of life and harm done to many lives. People are shocked, sad, angry, outraged, fearful. This is very very understandable, and it’s justified.

But I want to remind you that amidst the pain, there is much joy today, still. Human beings are being conceived today. Babies are being born. Children are learning, playing and having fun. People are falling in love. People are getting married. People are forgiving and being forgiven. Aquaintances are becoming best friends. Rivals and are becoming teammates and enemies are becoming allies. Someone is changing his or her mind. Wayward men and women are turning their lives around. People are healing. People are praying for others, and people are being prayed for. Someone is getting a job that’s desperately needed. Somebody will win the lotery today. Deep wounds are being healed today. Someone who was very ill is becoming well, and someone who was dying is coming back to life and health.

People who were hopeless are being hopeful. Someone who is drug and alcohol addicted has hit bottom and is rising to recovery. People who hate others have hearts that are being softened. Somewhere, someone who was homeless has a warm, safe roof over his or her head today. A child’s cancer is being cured today. Someone suffering from domestic violence is getting help today, and isn’t going to be beaten to death. In some place in the world today, some stranger saved another stranger’s life. Someone who didn’t believe in God became a believer today. Families torn apart by bitterness are being reunited. Lost children are being found, alive. Perpetrators of horrible crimes are being brought to justice. Someone who was going to commit suicide was helped by someone else, and they decided that they have a reason to live. Someone’s dream is coming true today.

Today, somewhere in the world, a beautiful, tiny, delicate flower has dared to suddenly spring up from inbetween the cracks of asphalt parking lot. Wonderful, happy, joyous, amazing, beautiful miracles are happening all over the world today. Please don’t forget about the soft, warm things of life amidst the harsh, cold realities of life. Please don’t forget to look for them. And please don’t forget to recognize them and share them with others today. We cannot ignore the tragedies in life, but we must give our attention to the joys, too. Balance. ~By Karen Burch,WayPoints by Karen Burch

I don’t want anyone to forget as we pray for those effected by tragedy there is still joy.  We cannot appreciate joy without pain. But don’t let those that wish you harm steal your joy because they’ll do it. Prayers for Boston and the world tonight.






5 thoughts on “There Is Still Joy

  1. Thanks for this post.

    It can be tempting to focus on all the evil in the world and evil people, but you have to remember that good things and good people exist, too.

    Even in the middle of what happened yesterday there was so much good. People putting their lives on the line without a moment’s thought because they wanted to help someone else. People opening their homes to persons stranded. Running to the hospital to donate blood.

    It’s easy to become cynical, especially when you overlook the fact that even when darkest aspects of human nature have shown itself, often so does the best and brightest.

    • Yes, yes, and yes! I never want to get so cynical that I lose my humanity and can’t see it in others. The news focuses on the bad but there is so much good going on much more than we’ll ever see. But I’m going to acknowledge it.

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