Why Don’t You Ask?

Women seem to have an aversion to asking men they are dating anything, why? You want to know something, need clarification, open up your mouth and ask.

image 05 ask question


4 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Ask?

  1. I have my flaws and weaknesses, but this ain’t one of them, lol! I’m known as a “Why?” child, so I’ve never had a problem asking men questions. I don’t interrogate, but I like to ask questions in a way that they feel comfortable answering, especially since many DO like to talk about what they’re thinking, or even feeling.

    Plus. I’m a listener by nature, and it always fascinates me how some will tell you just about anything if you give them the space to open up (even TMI and red flags).

    • Being a paralegal taught me how to ask questions effectively and listen to what ppl say, don’t say, how they say it, as I tell my husband people like to talk. It’s one of the things I learned working, you set them up and they’ll knock them down. I’ve written about this before on my blog. I’ve had folks reveal to me stuff I knew they didn’t want to reveal once they do it, I never get upset, never get shocked, I want you to keep talking so if I don’t react I get the whole story then I can make a decision. One of the things I learned as a paralegal is not to get indignant, when you get indignant people clam up. When I did my job, ppl had to trust me so they’d open up. It’s a good skill to have. One day I’m going to write a book.

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