Pu$$y Ain’t…

WARNING: there is some strong use of colloquialisms in here, so watch yourself. If you’ve become something inappropriate in your search for love, now is the time to make a turn for sanity. It’s not too late.



9 thoughts on “Pu$$y Ain’t…

  1. Not only is p***y not going to help these women find love, they are promoting the stereotype that white men are only interested in women in color for sexual reasons. This is one of the top controlling narratives from DBR black men who try to scare black women away from dating out.
    I also agree with you that marriage has to be more than just sex. Sex is important as form of intimacy and bonding, but there has to be something deeper than that working to keep a marriage together. Great vid!

    • It’s a sad state of affairs. It’s even sadder for the women participating hoping to find love but not really knowing how and the carnage that ensues because of this. Because for many instead of catching a clue, they just get even more desperate. I think bw opening their options in dating is great but if you don’t know how to vet those options you just end up with the same ole’, same ole’. Yes all it does is give narcissistic bm something to cheer about. And it’s all on public forums.

  2. I like the video. I am feel that Black Women up until BWE bloggers came on the scene was in the dark about dating. All the man had to be was black and not in jail and good credit. Those Black Women on facebook need to get healing because if you all you feel you have only your body, then you are short changing yourself. Let ‘s get to know each other outside the bedroom first. Women can’t sleep around and not reap any good results. Even if she doesn’t get pregnant, she has deal with being emotionally abused. So you are still being used and abused just from another race. First Black Women need to talk to therapist because she has always bartered her self worth and always comes up empty handed. When Black Women start to heal inside then those FB pages will start to dwindle because if you starve something it soon dies.
    I like your outfit and do you make your own jewelry. I like your color of your nails. If you decide to make or sell jewelry let us know(LOL)!

    • The sad part is the majority of these women are really seeking love but they don’t seem to love themselves. They’re not seeking to get abused but b/c they don’t know any better that’s what will probably end up happening.

  3. I’ve heard/read about these notorious FB pages, but since I closed my account a couple of years ago, I haven’t seen it myself. In this instance, ignorance is bliss for me. I can only hope that some of the thirsty women will quench themselves on this wellspring of advice. Beware the cyber paper trail!

    It seems to me that the lines between liberation and desperation are often blurred. Because if you’re really free, and to be explicit – getting yours and then some – then you have nothing to prove nor do you seek validation in this way. If you’re really liberated, it’s unnecessary to put the goodies on display.

    • I call myself supporting IR dating and marriage, one day I look up and see to my horror I might be supporting IR screwing and exploitation…umm hell nawl! Any woman that is ‘getting hers’ doesn’t have to beg for attention. But these women don’t want just sex, really want a relationship, you can tell they repeat that often they just have no idea how to get one so they go to the basest part of themselves and men, sex. You can’t get or keep a deep, abiding love and connection just on sex, don’t work. Period.

  4. I added that last bit because it really won’t be long before much of what you do in cyberspace will be a sort of resume. A lot of people post all kinds of things without thinking of the long-reaching ramifications.

  5. I so feel you on this, Eugenia.

    It’s one thing when someone is young and they don’t know any better, but when you are a grown woman you really need to remember your standards and that you’re supposed to have them.

    I think it’s really sad that some women’s standards are built around sex like that’s going to get them a good man. Or how they don’t know how to walk away from men clearly fishing for a piece of a$$.

    I actually will take it a step further Eugenia and say the way these women are behaving speaks to desperation not just for sex or companionship but for validation and positive reinforcement. When some guy shows an interest, even if it’s the most base and low of interest, so long as he’s not rejecting them or telling them how worthless they are in a cruel way they think that’s great…and respond positively! Or these women have fully accepted the lie that no one wants them expect for sex or that’s all they’re good for so they think that’s what they have to provide in order to get love or positive attention.

    It all comes back to self-respect in the end. Some women will try and play the “sexual liberation” game and about how women should be able to do or say whatever they want because they’re adults. I can’t disagree but I can say that reality does not follow the ideal. Meaning it may be “ideal” to say whatever you want without consequences, but the “reality” is….if you act like a ho, you will be treated like a ho. If you accept disrespect, you will be disrespected.

    You can have all the fun in the world behind closed doors. I just never understood the point of pasting it all over Facebook for everyone (including potential employers) to see. :/

    • ALL THAT! Yes, for some any kind of attention even disrespectful attention is better than none at all. That’s why my advice was people need to seek some therapy. Because there are a lot of men who just want to use women and the Internet has become like a candy store for them. Lots of women with low self esteem on here looking for positive reinforcement even in negative circumstances.

      Yes, you’re right it would be great to let it ‘all hang out’ but yes that has consequences especially for bw especially on the Internet. I remember going for a job with the county back in 2007 and they dug so deep into my Internet usage b/c they didn’t want to be embarrassed by folks working for them that had happened previously they were making sure it wasn’t happening again. Lucky for me I didnt have a shameful internet past. Black women have to realize this is ‘real life’ not our wildest dreams. You want to know why letting it all hang out isn’t getting them what they want b/c like I said a bunch of those folks are still there, same thirsty bw and same lazy white men.

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