I Love Birthdays!


Let me just tell you how much I really love birthdays, I adore them. Yes, most people are ducking and dodging their birthday when it starts to show up but not me. I start celebrating a whole month in advance. I tell people which birthday this will be and what I’ll be doing to celebrate and then I start partying. I just love celebrations so birthdays are particularly special. I even love other people’s birthdays because I love birthday cake, I’m not going to lie birthday cake is my favorite cake. This is how much I love birthday cake, I have a Chapstick that is flavored like birthday cake. It’s delicious on the lips! Yes, I’ll eat my birthday cake and eat yours too. I have no idea why some folks don’t like birthdays, you’ve made it through another year healthy, happy, and reasonably sane what’s not celebrate? Every year I celebrate my birthday with people I love and I’m never alone on my birthday. Now my husband and I have birthdays one day after one another. Mine is April 29th, his is April 30th and the first year we met we went Las Vegas to celebrate and tried to do it both days, bad idea, so now we celebrate both our birthdays on one of our birthdays. This year we’ll be celebrating on his birthday and giving gifts on mine. We are going to have a great time in our birthday trip. Just want to say again, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! I’m about to celebrate life and all the wonderful blessings it’s given to me. Happy Birthday to me!!! Now gimme some cake!

5 thoughts on “I Love Birthdays!

  1. Yay! I like celebrating other people’s birthdays! My own, ‘meh’ and it’s been that way since I was in the single digits. I hope your birthdays are grand and there’s plenty of delicious cake.

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