Happy Mother’s Day!

I just want to give a big shout out to moms on this Mother’s Day. I know it’s not an easy job and even as an adult my mom worries about me like I’m still her little one, she does the same with my brothers. Although she gives us the space to be ourselves and she’s not big on interfering but when we need her she’s always there for a hug, good word, a prayer or maybe just a kick in the pants but she’s always there. I was talking to someone not too long ago about how my mother and I are such good friends, great friends actually. I said that was because as a child even after my father passed she always put us first, we were her first priority. My mom has always been someone I could trust and because she’s never betrayed me, we’re not only mother and daughter but we’re great friends. My mom is wise, she’s practical, she’s really funny, she’s a dreamer and she sees the best in everyone but you can’t take advantage of her. We’re much alike but also very different, I learn a lot from her even now and I think she may learn some things from me. The thing I know from watching her is you can love deeply and live grand, you can endure and become triumphant, you can fall and still keep your faith. She is an amazing woman. To all the women who are mothers to adult kids they still feel like are their babies and to the moms of new babies who are enjoying watching them grow up and to every mom in between. I wish you a fabulous Mother’s Day, may you always be appreciated and loved just for who you are. I love ya Ma!