Black Women and Beer-Go Head Girl Try It!

I’m giving out a challenge to those black women who are looking for places to schmooze with non-black men. Why don’t you head to a brewfest? Here is a list of the different types of brew from Bend Brewfest.



6 thoughts on “Black Women and Beer-Go Head Girl Try It!

  1. Thank you for this! This is probably one of my favorite posts thus far because you’ve compelled me to change my thinking. I drink wine, but I don’t love it the way some do. Wine is considered more sophisticated and “elegant” than beer, which is why I think many women haven’t gotten into it.

    I was always turned off by beer, partially because I’ve only tried something like Budweiser (and that was YEARS ago and it was gross), and partially because I had this image of beer-bellied rednecks sitting on a dirt road in the back of their pickup truck, getting three sheets to the wind. I know that’s narrow-minded, but I’m just being honest!

    That said, you’ve sparked an interest for me to at least try it – like you, I’m not a proponent of pretending to enjoy something just for the sake of man-catching. The icing on the cake are the men. I like to expand my horizons and try new things – I’m not bound by what “”white folk/black folk/Hispanic folk/etc do.” If I like it, great! If I don’t, no harm, and I can say I tried it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Well, I’m glad I say just try it. The best thing I like about beer is it’s casual, friendly. I know that feeling you have about beer, many people have them, but beer and beer brewing has come a long way. Yes, if you go try it and don’t find it to your liking, no harm, no foul. But there is so much more variety than Budweiser. I haven’t drank Bud since I left Texas and actually if I drink it, it’s only in Texas LOL. You can pair beer with food just like wine. I wanted to say this b/c I’m sick of wine being pushed on bw as the only way to mingle and swirl, please whatever! I’ll never be ashamed to like beer and to encourage bw to include it in their drinking sophisticate’s repertoire.

  2. I absolutely loved this post, Eugenia. I’m a dating coach and I mentioned the advice you shared at my event last night. So many women don’t think of just going where the men are and this is a great example.

    • Thank you, well I said it because every time and I do mean every time I step into a brewfest or brewpub I am the only black face there. I’m also one of the few women in there. It’s a great place to meet greet guys. And there are plenty of them there, I’m just surprised I don’t see more sisters. I know we’re taking our options with dating but with that you’re correct, we have to expand where we go to take those options.

  3. I agree! There is a major one here in AZ, and it’s filled with non-black men. The only beer I drink is Peroni, so I don’t go to them often. On the other hand, I can tell you all about wine 🙂

    • I’ve never been a wine drinker but the thing I always notice at brew fest and brew pubs, I am the lone chocolate drop 99 percent of the time. I know I’m only part of a small percentage of women at those, it’s ripe for the picking.

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