The Advocate

white-women-black-menI know it’s unbelievable to certain portions of the society that as a black woman I’m not advocating for every supposedly downtrodden person. But no I’m not, I advocate for black women. Now when someone advocates for black women that is not a black woman herself, then call me about advocating for you.


2 thoughts on “The Advocate

  1. Great blogcast, Eugenia!!

    What black men are failing to realize is that the torch has been passed to a NEW generation of black women. Black women who will not advocate on their behalf anymore. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Black women who will not put up with the attitudes and behaviors of black men that their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts suffered through in their lives! Black women who are seeking the “warmth of other suns” with non-black men. When black men come to a realization about all of this, they are going to have a nervous breakdown!!

  2. I agree, there seems to be something about THEM, Black men, not being represented that they seem to think is a Black woman’s job. They also miss me with the issue they take with the “morality” of the story line. Lolz….and is that is why over 70% of black children are born to babies momma…because black men and women have such moral unions?

    In fact, other than T.V. it seems the moral many Bw are hung on a cross to dry if she doesn’t want to be a babies mama or a girlfriend who is deemed never worthy of marriage. Oh but, wait…..the guy, ON TV THAT IS NOT IN A REAL SITUATION, is white…that is different.

    You know what is interesting about those men? Very few will represent or advocate for you or me or any other black woman or girl in the community. Not to worry black men, most of us aren’t spread thin advocating for other women(minority or not), LGBT, other even other men. You would think black men had zero power. Maybe they think that asking black women to fix it or sacrifice their own cause would be a natural progression. Black mothers have played enough mammy roles for a lifetime.

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