Girl Can You Cook? Umm, No. -Living Interdependent in Marriage

Interdependence is key to a good marriage. You can’t be independent or co-dependent. And it doesn’t matter if you can cook or not when it comes to be a great wife.

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10 thoughts on “Girl Can You Cook? Umm, No. -Living Interdependent in Marriage

  1. Thank you for this! I have been told lately I as a woman need to learn to cook. There are these guys saying like “In Isarel you have to (as a woman) learn 57 ways to cook eggplant.” I am learning to cook for my own health currently and to save money. I don’t want it to be a commandment from a future hubsand someday lol. These Isarel guidance giving men shall remain aquiantances. LOL.

  2. Funny you should post this. i just stopped seeing a guy who couldn’t understand why I didn’t cook more, like what he was used to growing up. Equating a woman’s ability to cook with her being a great wife…. needless to say he is not my cup of tea.

  3. I wonder how much the expectation of cooking is regional. I was born in the Deep South, and haven’t lived elsewhere. So I’ve always heard some variation of “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” mantra. I’ve also had men ask me if I can cook. It’s more or less expected, at least among Southern folks, especially blacks.

    • I’ve heard from men everywhere, even here I’ve heard it. I haven’t had a man I was dating ask but I did once have a guy in his introduction tell me he wanted someone to make good food like his dead wife dud from him and his son. I just told him maybe I wasn’t the woman he was looking for LOL.

      • Ha! I view cooking similar to you – I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I can do it. I suppose I enjoy the results more than the process, heh. But I know plenty of married women who are not Julia Child or Ina Garten or Paula Deen. And I’ve often thought it twisted that in regular households, the women are expected to be the chefs, but in the actual profession, it’s the men who are typically well-known and respected. Something in the milk ain’t clean, lol.

        I’ve never understood that expectation, ESPECIALLY since women are just as likely as to work full-time as men are these days. I wish some man would expect that ish and I work full-time just like he does. Dude, you better fire up Youtube and learn. It ain’t that hard.

        God bless my mom, I don’t know how she did it – she was on her feet all day in her various jobs, and then had to come home and cook for the family (in addition to general household duties). My dad never did any cooking, and to this day, my brothers don’t really cook, either. Unless you count barbecuing, heh, and that’s only certain times of the year.

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