Fat People, America Hates You

I went on a shopping trip last week that made me aware the America really does hate fat people but it also needs them.



11 thoughts on “Fat People, America Hates You

  1. A guy whom I just broke up ‘friendship’ with cruelly told me over the phone that because of my ‘size/shape’ that nobody wanted me, but he did;he understood now, why before we met I was alone, because I was unwanted, due to my size. I was speechless, as he is the dumpier less attractive version of Red Fox, and he’s over sixty, disabled, unemployed and does not drive. This reminds me of your passive/aggressive posts, although this was a bit more aggressive. I did not ever find him attractive, but initially appreciated the companionship, but he had the passive/aggressive thing going on, that I kept moving away from him. This last insult, made it final.

    • Listen, I’m just gonna tell you this, don’t ever let any man tell you that you’re lucky to have him. Excuse my language but fuck him! You’re the prize, not the man. Too many women who are fat, disabled, with chronic illnesses or older are being told this same bullshit by dudes that aren’t good enough to spit on. Have nothing to offer any woman, don’t listen to that lie. Now if you want to get better shape b/c that’s what you want to do, do that but you need to love yourself right now before anyone else does. If it had said that too you previously and you stayed, I’m sorry you took too much. He couldn’t have gotten 2 good words out before, his behind would have been hitting the bricks. I have many articles on emotional abuse on this blog, please find them and read them. You were the victim of emotional abuse, you need to figure out why you let that happen so it doesn’t happen again. Good luck to you.

  2. I’m like you–I like to go in the clothing store, pick an item, and go right out the store. Even when I was a smaller size, I never found clothes shopping enjoyable. For me, the upside was just less time in the store. I think stores also try to shame fat people with regards shoes and underwear. Why do the size 5, 6, and 7 have cute shoes and size 9,10, and 11 seem like they have less variety. Why do manufacturers only like to make bras in tan, white, and black. Bustier girls like me like colors too. Right now, I’m trying to look for work and it’s hard to get together a work wardrobe on the cheap. I just can’t afford stores like Lane Bryant and Catherines so thrift stores are on my list.

    • I have a reasonable size foot, it’s an 8 1/2 not so bad. I usually find what I want but my poor SIL and niece both have large feet, niece is a ten, SIL is a 12 and yes it’s like point of shame nothing for you girl, you’re feet are too big. Like that should be a badge of shame. It’s like if you’re too big, too tall, feet too big, you’re deemed less feminine and no one ever lets you forget it.

    • That was a good article and it reiterates something my husband says all the time ‘correlation does not equal causation’. We do that too much in science now and it’s lazy thinking. I’m more positive than ever that people do ‘epidemics’ b/c they make money. People get government funds from studies and the like, private companies make profits. I don’t believe in conspiracies but if you feel like you’re being okey doked it’s b/c you probably are.

  3. You’ve touched on the bizarre malice towards fat people in this country (and most of the West, I think), which is so strange to me because, according to the propaganda out there that is readily accepted, something like 67% of Americans are overweight (30-35% obese).

    Anyway, supposedly, fat people a majority, so what’s up with the disdain? The shaming? The bullying? The self-loathing? It’s so interesting that there are all of these anti-bullying campaigns targeted to curb homophobia. And I completely agree with it, but, speaking as someone who was a fat child, there’s radio silence when it comes to anti-bullying towards fat people. And I know exactly what it is – fatness is something that can be “controlled,” and so if you don’t “control” it, any ridicule, disdain, disrespect, less than human treatment is DESERVED. Oh, the crazy, it is plentiful.

    Look, I’ve never been one to hate the word “fat.” I’ve never needed to use euphemisms for it. I don’t have a problem referring to myself that way, nor do I take offense if someone calls me that. I advocate for personal responsibility. Have no issues with discussing health, economic, and social risk factors associated with it. What people keep missing, though, is that it’s not some kind of moral or character failing to be fat. That’s where the whole “you are not worthy” implication seems to stem from – that being fat is somehow unethical. For women, the implication is that you’re unworthy of love and affection and basic respect, of living a quality life. And that’s why it gets under some people’s skin that there are fat black women who AREN’T self-loathing about their fatness. Child, bye.

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