Time to Detox

I’m doing another digital detox beginning tomorrow, July 1st and possibly ending July 31st or later. I have to say I’m really excited about this. I was watching the Katie Show this week and she had a show on the Internet and the stress it causes and detoxing. I thought ‘you know what I think it’s time to do it again’. I did one in December and January and it was fabulous and I’m about due. The weather is getting nice around here and I don’t want to be attached to this thing. After this week on social media, I’m just spent. I’m just plum out of outrage and I can’t take the lunacy anymore. I need relief and I’m planning on getting it. Now, what does this mean for the Married Girl well I’ll still be blogging and vlogging but just not as much because I’m also participating in the Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself 30 Day Challenge so I won’t be blogging about making any improvements just celebrating what’s great about us all. So, I’ll be seeing you all intermittently while I enjoy unplugging from social media, who knew something so social could be so stressful. Toodles!


Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-George Clooney (Yea, I know, I know)

20130627-231138.jpgYes, I’ll say it I’m doing this blog and holding my head in shame, but only slightly because up until recently George Clooney hasn’t been remotely attractive to me. I know, I always said he had a meh face and was just the most average dude ever. But something has happened, that average has gotten sexy, he’s grown on me in the last couple of months. The gray hair, the smirk, the twinkle in his eyes has just got me. It’s all very endearing, he can probably charm any woman right out of her bloomers. I’ve come over to the dark side and I think I’m enjoying it. Okay, he’s a serial monogamist, not my favorite people in the world but I’ll overlook it he’s not dating me. He also seems a bit smug but as I said, he’s not dating me. I remember him on ‘Facts Of Life’. Do you remember that? He was meh then. But I don’t know if it’s I’ve just seen him too much or I just like the idea that he won’t use make up as an actor although he’s maturing and a lot of my crushes are way too much made up. He seems like he has integrity, that’s a nice quality, he’s also got a sly sexiness. He’s also very cool, you know just cooler than most men you know. Oh goodness, what have I become?! Well, anyway enjoy him ladies, Mr. George Clooney. And God forbid this happens to me in regard to Leonardo DiCaprio.








The Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself-30 Day Challenge

For 30 days I’m asking all the ladies that read my blog, look at my YT channel to stop ‘fixing’ themselves. I want you to start improving on those things that you already love about yourself. I know you have them. I want you to write to me about your progress and what you’ve learned during that challenge and in 30 days I’ll be back to blog about it, without using your name, of course. So write to me I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t worry the feedback from the box below does not show up here on the website, it goes to my private email. Comments do what they normally do, show up here. Thanks again, guys. And God bless you on this challenge.



Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Brad Pitt (The Mature Version)

20130621-151426.jpgI love me some Brad Pitt, I been loving him longer than I’ve loved my husband. Now, you know that’s bad but I do. I’ve loved every version of him and as he’s matured, I’ve matured. My admiration and still growing lust for him has matured. First off, he’s just damn good looking and aging nicely. A lot nicer than most white men, hey I’m telling the truth. It’s like fine wine, just better with age. If him and Angelina stay together, they’ll make a nice looking older couple. Also I still love his acting, I don’t see everything he’s in, that World War Z came out today I think, I won’t be seeing that but he’s still a fine actor. He’s also a good person, good humanitarian, good father, good partner, just an all around good guy. I’ve heard that story before from people who met him, they said he was a nice guy. They described Angelina as a little frosty but what do you expect, she’s a Gemini. I still think he’s hot as he gets older and you can tell he’s getting older that’s what I like about him, if he comes up with some plastic surgery mess I’m gonna be mad as hell. His age looks good on him, that stink of responsibility is just heady. I love a good looking older man, hey it’s one my ‘things’. Now let’s get on with some ogling of someone I have loved and admired a long time, Mr. Brad Pitt. I’m doing this for your pleasure ladies. And if you don’t like him, get on because if anyone says anything bad about my baby I will find you and cut you. Try me.