Privilege Trumps All

The incident between the First Lady and the ‘protester” shows once again how many, white women’s, unchecked and uncontrolled privilege and entitlement issues, play out with black women. And yes, privilege trumps all. Here’s all the information you need on the Double Victim Strategy.



13 thoughts on “Privilege Trumps All

  1. Girl, I learned about that passive aggressive entitlement BS from certain whites, especially white women, very early in my career. They are MASTERS of it, and black women have to get hip to the game, if they are not already.

    I have no doubt that is not the first time Michelle has experienced that, and she knew exactly how to handle it. But Michelle has been attacked from the beginning, so wasn’t surprised to hear rumblings of how she didn’t handle it properly. Thankfully, it seems like most comments I’ve read are in support of her in this context while acknowledging how rude the heckler was. I especially loved her “I’m just an old, grey-hair woman” defense. This is why I give the side-eye to older people given a pass on certain behavior. Rude is rude is rude, no matter your age. You don’t get a pass because you’re old enough to be retired. Have a stadium full of $500 seats.

    • I don’t give no one a pass, it’s not okay to disrespect someone and then somehow try to feign victim hood b/c you’re old. If you don’t want ppl to confront you on your rudeness or bully which a bunch of ww use, then sit your old ass down and shut up! I know the FLOTUS like many of us has been victimized by ww more times than she can count. Personally, she lucky she didn’t get socked b/c at $500 a ticket…broad puhleeze!

  2. The thing it Mrs.O is a classy lady and a season professional and that came across in the way she dealt with the “ratchet trifling troglodyte” (thanks Toni!).

    That WW came to the dinner to disrupt & heckle but Shelly for Chi-town called her on it and now MO is wrong. GTFOOHWT Booosheet.


    That is all the seats she needs to have.

    I love my FLOTUS!!!!

  3. I’m just learning there is a name Double Victim Strategy! Now the old folks had schooled me on that one but they said, “Be careful cause white people will say and do things to get you to react and then you look bad. Don’t give’m that satisfaction.” I’ve only experienced it once and it was with a white male colleague (stalker co-worker). I thought I was prepared for it!

    My boss (ww) offered to drive me and another colleague (ww) to a farewell lunch. The ww colleague invited him to ride along with us. Within that 20 min journey, he said something that was so overtly racist, I was stunned to silence. No one spoke up either. Then he said something that was just mean to me.

    The thing is when I am angry, my demeanor is stoic. I don’t get loud and I am calm (I think that scares people more because they can’t read me) So I said, “Why don’t you turn around and stop talking to me.” Girl, I thought it was over and done cause other colleague and boss remained silent. Until he said, “I should just kill myself.” Then he got ALL the victim sympathy. I was FURIOUS!

    After we returned to work, I told my boss I was going home early because I was upset. She started crying but at least that was without an audience. I probably seemed heartless because I didn’t stay to comfort her, I took my ass home. But he wasn’t a problem after that because my boss actually talked to him about his behavior.

    Anyway, all that to saw, Michelle O is black like me and her Ivy education, affluence, and marriage to the President means nothing. It’s saddening.

    • I had it happen it to me, not too long ago I didn’t know it had a name but I knew what it was. After I got over my initial shock b/c it was someone in hubs family. I got all they asses straight. You know I wasn’t going to try to defend myself, I wasn’t gonna do nothing b/c I hadn’t done anything wrong except defend my hubs and myself from a petty, scurrilous attack. I didn’t back down, I didn’t buckle and I didn’t apologize and my hubs defended me as he should have but lord when he did all the gasping and swooning. I tell you what, next time anyone gets a notion to come at me wrong they’ll think before they do it. Same thing for the FLOTUS.

      And you’re right you can do everything right, everything appropriately but when you defend yourself you’re too sensitive, or angry or aggressive. All of sudden you just become the ‘n’ word nothing you can do about it, all of sudden that’s the prism you’re seen through, have probably been seen thru the whole time but everybody wants to look ‘nice’. It’s maddening.

  4. When I saw this I knew, I just KNEW it was gonna turn into some BS where Michelle is the bully and the heckler is the victim. For example:

    The article, written by two white women no shocker, painted the heckler as a poor scared victim and the first lady as a threatening victim.

    “It felt like she was within a few inches – in my face,” Ellen Sturtz told ABC News after the incident.”


    Between that and the Cosmo article where they pretty much called the First Lady a man (while giving her “ghetto strong black woman props”), I was freaking done.

    Michelle was being disrespected. This person intended to disrespect her. And then when she got called on it, she was shocked. The surprise at being confronted tells me that she is completely up her own behind about her privilege. “Second class citizen” my black behind. Any white woman that fixes her mouth to play up the “black women are scary and dangerous” stereotype doesn’t give a good damn about equality.

    Have all the seats in the world, you ratchet trifling troglodyte!

    • LOL, you got it completely right. I’d just read the article on double victim the other day so when I read what she the white woman said about ‘I was taken aback’ I knew her oppression as an LGBT was take backseat to her white privilege. I knew the FLOTUS was about to be a victim of the DVS, I saw that coming and I’m not even surprised. The fact that she’s a tall statuesque black woman was gonna have these ww running screaming ‘oh she’s so angry and aggressive’ WTH did you expect to happen when you’re rude and disrespectful. Really.

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