I’m Just Sick of Y’all!

I don’t mean you, my followers and readers. I mean I’m sick to death of passive aggressive people and you can hear why I’m calling them out on their bs.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Just Sick of Y’all!

  1. Sorry you had to go through this. I had a similar experience on a temp assignment. The manager yelled at me and went on and on about what a bad day he was having. He called me the next day when I didn’t show up for work and told me that he has a habit of doing this and whenever this happens I need to “call him on his bullsh*t.” I told him that this wasn’t going to work for me and when I went to pick up my paycheck I received a long lecture about what a great opportunity I’m missing out on….lmao!!!! Check please!

    • I’m okay, I’m over it. She’s the one hustling trying to find someone not me. I had a job like that once, the attorney was just doenright abusive. The woman in office told me, to just give him attitude, I’m sure you could do that. I guess she figured since I was black I was gonna go Sapphire for them, umm no. I am not a caricature, I am human being who deserves respect and professionalism. What a crock of crap, I don’t come to a job to put grown folks in line, grown ppl should know better. SMH.

  2. Yep. I know exactly what you mean.

    I don’t have a blog, but I could write a few posts on my experiences with passive aggressive people. It’s the behavior and BS that you don’t learn about in college. In my almost 13 years in Corporate America, most of my managers have been white women. The bulk of people I’ve worked with closely have been white people. And yes, it’s tiresome. So, so, so tiresome. It’s a pathology no one wants to acknowledge.

    And yes, some black people are getting that way as well. Dealt with that as well. Part of it, I think, is that some blacks, including myself, are having to navigate that for the sake of career, and it starts becoming a part of you. For the most part, though, my experiences with blacks have been direct, whether positive or negative. As you say, at least I know where I stand.

    It’s also the darker underbelly of the BWIR online movement – in the several years I’ve observed it, black women have been directly and indirectly “coached” to not be so direct in dealing with non-black men (I’m not talking about approaching men for dates, either). In blog after blog, I’ve observed black women be chastised or shouted down for being direct about their experiences or in commenting to certain white male posters (don’t want to scare them away, after all). Look, I don’t advocate rudeness or disrespect at all, but FFS, please stop equivocating candor with crudeness or disrespect. There is a difference.

    I can’t believe the woman wrote a note on the check! Like the bank would go, “Welp, the notice references a complaint about you not giving proper notice, so we will be unable to cash the check.” Child, bye.

    • It’s getting bad or I’m just getting old, I don’t need a job so bad I’d take abusive behavior from ppl. Just no, that time has passed. When I noticed the little note on the check, I busted out laughing in my car. I was thinking, what did she figure I’d be too mad to cash the check, ummm no. It was really ridiculous and childish. But the disappointed statement got me, I know a funny look came over my face b/c I can’t help it. But really, I’m not her kid, I worked there three weeks it’s not that deep. Oh I’m getting weary of over privileged, passive aggressive ww. I’m just getting really tired of many of them not knowing how or not wanting to relate to bw as human beings. They’re preconceived notions and passive aggressiveness toward us needs to brought to light.

      And yes I notice the same thing some BWIR blogs this push to urge bw to back down so they don’t make wm mad. Dude, if you’re so weak that every word out of mouth has to be considered gold, bw need to avoid you at all cost.

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