Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!- Henry Cavill

imageOh dear Jesus, why oh why have I just decided to do one of these on Henry Cavill. I’ve known about him since he played Hot Jesus, Jim Caviziel’s son in The Count of Monte Cristo. Now, really in that movie I saw the burgeoning sexy thang coming along. But he played a 16 year old in that movie, I felt creepy and also I was ogling Hot Jesus too. But my, my, my how time flies and it’s been good, really good to him. I guess here lately since I’ve been seeing him so much because of the Man of Steel movie, I must just say again. Good googly moogly, I could watch him all day with a dull look on his face with only a 15 minute break on Sunday and I’d die extremely happy. In a word, HE. IS. GORGEOUS. I think he might be taking the place of Brad Pitt in my lusting repertoire, that ain’t easy. Have you seen Brad Pitt lately? Oooo lala! The hair, his hair! Okay, back at the ranch. I’ve been loving Brad Pitt forever, he can do no wrong. But Henry, oh dear Henry! Sigh. I’ve got a jones like no other for the beautiful, handsome, sexy, drop dead gorgeous Mr. Henry Cavill. And good gracious, he cannot take a bad photo.









Really with the beautiful hair.


22 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!- Henry Cavill

  1. The first picture – those eyes, the beard and the wisp of hair… He would have me at first glance – forget about hello.

  2. I was listening to Henry on an interview and he was talking about how thick his hair is and when it grows it get really curly. Dude!! you are killing me. 🙂

  3. it’s not just his looks, but also the way he carries himself. he is pure CLASS! he’s definitely a man’s man, and classy about it. completely mindblowing!!!!

  4. YAAASSSSSSSSS, Cavill is yummy. The Count of Monte Cristo was where I was first introduced to him as well. He was a cutie patootie then, and he just gets better with age. I swear his face was cut from granite…perfect specimen of male beauty. I hope Superman does well for him and that his 30s (when good film actors seem to hit their stride) will bring more of him to my screen. Hollywood, do you hear me? More Cavill, please.

    Even better, he seems incredibly humble in interviews, and has been rejected for some rather high-profile roles (thank goodness he was never cast in that Twilight dreck). I suspect he’s an introvert. On top of all that, based on the interviews I’ve seen, I’m not entirely sure he understands just how fine he is. He said he was a chubby kid growing up and was teased about it in boarding school. I wonder who is laughing now?

    If he and Chris Evans ever star in a film together (they could be brothers, IMO), I will spontaneously combust.

    LMAO at Hot Jesus.

  5. Lol I didn’t recognize him at first but YES, that IS the son from Counte of Monte Cristo!!!! He certainly has filled out nicely! Lol

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