Your Worth and Approval Are Homegrown

Your worth comes from you first, even if no one has ever told you you’re worthy I’m here to tell you are. I’m also here to tell you to stop contorting yourself for unworthy men.



8 thoughts on “Your Worth and Approval Are Homegrown

  1. Whew! This video needs to be seen by a WHOLE bunch of people that are constantly seeking the approval of strangers. So many folks have such a low opinion of themselves. It’s really sad.

    • It’s going on everywhere and we see the results. They’re single, married, young and old. I’m tired of seeing it, something radical (wink, wink) needs to be done 🙂

      • LOL! Yes- crazy times call for RADICAL measures 🙂 Hoping that those that need it most will find these messages that can help them live more peaceful, happy lives.

  2. Catching up on your latest vlogs (looks like I watched this before it was removed?), and yes, agreed. I know that “love yourself” is usually dismissed by people because it’s not specific, or self-degrading enough perhaps. But knowing and being at peace with who you are is what gets you through the tough times: dry dating spells, previously bad relationships, breaking ties with destructive friends and family, etc.

    It’ll be what carries you when you want to try new things and possibly fail, or improve your quality of life (whatever that means for you). Because you define yourself, validate yourself, and inherently know you’re worth it. You can ALWAYS tell the people who are truly self-confident: you will rarely, if ever, hear or read of them picking others apart, even if it is for the sake of “helping” others. There is constructive feedback meant to ignite or motivate, and there is degradation and disdain hidden beneath “keeping it real” or “telling it like it is.” This vlog is an example of the former.

    I hope other women, especially young black women, were able to watch this, and take something from it.

    • Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to remove it, it’s just that I had a duplicate post on YT channel so I deleted one. Guess I deleted the one attached to this post, oops.

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