Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Brad Pitt (The Mature Version)

20130621-151426.jpgI love me some Brad Pitt, I been loving him longer than I’ve loved my husband. Now, you know that’s bad but I do. I’ve loved every version of him and as he’s matured, I’ve matured. My admiration and still growing lust for him has matured. First off, he’s just damn good looking and aging nicely. A lot nicer than most white men, hey I’m telling the truth. It’s like fine wine, just better with age. If him and Angelina stay together, they’ll make a nice looking older couple. Also I still love his acting, I don’t see everything he’s in, that World War Z came out today I think, I won’t be seeing that but he’s still a fine actor. He’s also a good person, good humanitarian, good father, good partner, just an all around good guy. I’ve heard that story before from people who met him, they said he was a nice guy. They described Angelina as a little frosty but what do you expect, she’s a Gemini. I still think he’s hot as he gets older and you can tell he’s getting older that’s what I like about him, if he comes up with some plastic surgery mess I’m gonna be mad as hell. His age looks good on him, that stink of responsibility is just heady. I love a good looking older man, hey it’s one my ‘things’. Now let’s get on with some ogling of someone I have loved and admired a long time, Mr. Brad Pitt. I’m doing this for your pleasure ladies. And if you don’t like him, get on because if anyone says anything bad about my baby I will find you and cut you. Try me.







7 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Brad Pitt (The Mature Version)

  1. My first conscious recall of Brad Pitt (as eye candy) was after a couple of friends and class mates watched ‘Interview with a Vampire’ and were swooning. I conducted research on him (read poring over pictures of im) but I was not sold. (Many, many…many) Years later, I watched him in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ and I found that missing appreciation of the specimen that is Brad Pitt. I like the older version of him – hot!

  2. When he was younger I wasn’t really checking for his pretty boy looks but as he got older I started paying attention to him, maybe around the time he started in the Ocean’s franchise. His older man sexiness grew on me and then he upped and got with Angie and became and Daddy and sexiness went into full overdrive.

    Men with kids immediately get extra sexy points in my book.

    Move over Eugenia and pass me a napkin to sop this drool for William Bradley or is it Bradley William? Who cars … YUM!

  3. Geminis are great people. I know I am on of them(LOL)! Brad Pitt is fine as all outdoors. He has dated Black women and make no qualms about dating Black women like his first girlfriend before he got into the business and he dated Robin Givens. He know how to keep us wanting more.

    • LOL Oh my bestie is a Gemini, you guys are some awesome ppl but you’re still two ppl :). I’ve always loved that he was equal opportunity dater. And personally, I love him and Angelina together.

  4. Funny thing….wasn’t really feeling his beauty when he was younger. I guess the pretty boy thing was always a no go for me.I am loving him now. Especially as he started to mature, He is even more hot! Oh, and the fact that he is such a good father and humanitarian makes him even more sexy!

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