The Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself-30 Day Challenge

For 30 days I’m asking all the ladies that read my blog, look at my YT channel to stop ‘fixing’ themselves. I want you to start improving on those things that you already love about yourself. I know you have them. I want you to write to me about your progress and what you’ve learned during that challenge and in 30 days I’ll be back to blog about it, without using your name, of course. So write to me I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t worry the feedback from the box below does not show up here on the website, it goes to my private email. Comments do what they normally do, show up here. Thanks again, guys. And God bless you on this challenge.



8 thoughts on “The Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself-30 Day Challenge

  1. I haven’t fixed a daggone thing and have no plans to fix anything for anyone. The only think I want to do is lose these 2 inches on my waist making all my dresses too tight but that is for me because I like to be cute and comfortable and breathe.

    • Good, I’m glad folks are enjoying what they have. I’m so tired of fixing stuff, I’m like ‘when I can just enjoy this?’ I just want to enjoy what I got going on now.

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