Who’s Talking to Men?

You know women get messages all day, everyday from everyone on how we need to do better but who’s talking to men about that?

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5 thoughts on “Who’s Talking to Men?

  1. I remember that conversation and the #makingladydemands hashtag you started. Unless the book involves something naughty I am not reading to a man (Well if he’s 5 like my nephew I’ll make an exception). I want a reputable matchmaker (like Paul C) to do a series on what men can do to improve themselves. These days every time I go onto the dating sites I want to sit with a notebook and catalog all the areas men need to work on to improve themselves so I’ll be inclined to say meet me or give them stars.

  2. Girl, yes. I’m glad someone is finally asking the question. And that it’s coming from a married woman lends more credibility for many. Let a single woman break it down like this, and she’ll be immediately dismissed. Because apparently, any sort of critical thinking alludes those of us without a husband.

    • Oh goodness, well single women can’t question anything lest they be called bitter. I knew I had to something when the male self-help author on Twitter suggested women read his book to their husbands. The two ladies & I that were in the twitter conversation had to side-eye that. I refuse to baby grown men, if he wants to be better he needs to pursue that himself. Why is it always the woman’s responsibility to make him better?! Ugh!

  3. This is so freeing. I will leave another comment at the30 day challenge.
    I have and I counted 100 books on how to improve me. Most men do not have half or less than that. It seems that the when you done” fixing yourself up” in one area, here comes something else.
    Eugenia, you are the 21st century Harriet Tubman(LOL)! I know that I will relax and spend only quality time and not squander it. I will spend that time enjoying my friends. go to barbeques and catch up on friends I have not spoken to in a while. Relationships are like a garden. They need to be nurtured. I will just enjoy relaxing, refreshing and retreating.
    What a load lifted off my shoulder.

    • I’m glad you’ll do that’s great and yes we’re busy fixing ourselves we can’t even enjoy the fixes, we can’t even appreciate or celebrate the work we’ve done before someone is whispering or screaming, girl you gotta do better, you gotta do more, you’re not good enough. Black women are never deemed ‘good enough’ it’s like we need permission to relax and enjoy our lives. Well, I’ve given myself permission. I am going to enjoy this month to the fullest. I don’t know about Harriet Tubman, LOL, I’m just tired of watching bw fall for the okey-doke when they don’t have to.

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