Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-George Clooney (Yea, I know, I know)

20130627-231138.jpgYes, I’ll say it I’m doing this blog and holding my head in shame, but only slightly because up until recently George Clooney hasn’t been remotely attractive to me. I know, I always said he had a meh face and was just the most average dude ever. But something has happened, that average has gotten sexy, he’s grown on me in the last couple of months. The gray hair, the smirk, the twinkle in his eyes has just got me. It’s all very endearing, he can probably charm any woman right out of her bloomers. I’ve come over to the dark side and I think I’m enjoying it. Okay, he’s a serial monogamist, not my favorite people in the world but I’ll overlook it he’s not dating me. He also seems a bit smug but as I said, he’s not dating me. I remember him on ‘Facts Of Life’. Do you remember that? He was meh then. But I don’t know if it’s I’ve just seen him too much or I just like the idea that he won’t use make up as an actor although he’s maturing and a lot of my crushes are way too much made up. He seems like he has integrity, that’s a nice quality, he’s also got a sly sexiness. He’s also very cool, you know just cooler than most men you know. Oh goodness, what have I become?! Well, anyway enjoy him ladies, Mr. George Clooney. And God forbid this happens to me in regard to Leonardo DiCaprio.









One thought on “Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-George Clooney (Yea, I know, I know)

  1. He’s aged well. I enjoy how he’s matured into his grey hair and laugh lines. He has an attractive weathered look – a face that says I’ve seen and done things – I’m slow-burn exciting.

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