Time to Detox

I’m doing another digital detox beginning tomorrow, July 1st and possibly ending July 31st or later. I have to say I’m really excited about this. I was watching the Katie Show this week and she had a show on the Internet and the stress it causes and detoxing. I thought ‘you know what I think it’s time to do it again’. I did one in December and January and it was fabulous and I’m about due. The weather is getting nice around here and I don’t want to be attached to this thing. After this week on social media, I’m just spent. I’m just plum out of outrage and I can’t take the lunacy anymore. I need relief and I’m planning on getting it. Now, what does this mean for the Married Girl well I’ll still be blogging and vlogging but just not as much because I’m also participating in the Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself 30 Day Challenge so I won’t be blogging about making any improvements just celebrating what’s great about us all. So, I’ll be seeing you all intermittently while I enjoy unplugging from social media, who knew something so social could be so stressful. Toodles!



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