The Serial Monogamist

What do you do when dating a guy that has been a lot of long term relationships but never married or close to marriage? It may be a good thing and it may be a bad thing. Ask the questions and watch the actions, that will reveal what you need to know.



3 thoughts on “The Serial Monogamist

  1. Hi Eugenia – Happy 4th of July!! Agree with you 100% about the serial monogamist!! Just a few facts about George Clooney: 1) he was married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 – 1993; 2) he said the divorce was all his fault; and 3) that he would not NEVER get married again. I believe his girlfriends enter into a relationship with him thinking they will be “the one” who changes his mind about marriage and then they are heartbroken when the relationship ends. Sadly, this is the case with a lot of women who are wasting their time trying to change a man’s mind!!

    • Whew! That was a long time ago 20 years since his divorce, yea there’s no changing his mind. I wonder why when men tell women who they are they don’t believe them. If a man said he’d never ever marry again, I wouldn’t waste my time to try to change his mind. Nothing in George Clooney’s actions says I want to be married and he keeps saying that he doesn’t. Why waste your time. Thanks for the info.

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