What Have I Been Up To

Well, in one word, ENJOY, I have been enjoying this time off. As I said before July is usually when summer finally shows itself here. So the weather is fantastic so beautiful. This is not the time to take a vacation, the weather is too good. Most people are trying to get up here for this awesome weather. The time to take a vacation here is November, December, January and February. Now is the time to revel in the weather and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. So I have been, enjoying time with family and friends. Hubby and I have been taking weekend jaunts all over the place. I’ve been to Emerald Downs Racetrack, Darrington, Portland, and Northern Cascades, next weekend we’re on our way to Mt. Baker and I’m headed up to Vancouver, BC for a day trip during the week. We’ve also been spending time at home, he’s procured a new smoker so we’ll be eating smoked meats the rest of the summer. But I can’t complain because my darling is a fantastic chef and it’s all been delicious. What can I say, I’m living the life. I hope all of you participating in the ‘Stop Fixing Yourself 30-Day Challenge’ are doing exactly what I’m doing just enjoying life. I certainly am. Feel my joy.

P.S. Although it looks like I drink a lot of beer, don’t worry I drink about two beers per sitting and usually only on the weekends. My hard drinking days are long over. Enjoy the pics.




















8 thoughts on “What Have I Been Up To

  1. The pics are beautiful! I’ve only been to the Pacific NW once, and that was for an Alaskan cruise in 2010, which I loved. My sister and I flew into Seattle, and departed the next day. Not much time for sightseeing. One of these days, I’d like to have an extended visit. Some of your pics have me reminiscing on that great vacation!

    • How was the cruise? I’ve talked with my mom before about taking one. I love it here, this is the best time to be here but this also the most expensive time to come here. But it’s seriously beautiful right about now. Well if you come back up, please let me know.

      • We went in mid-Sept, so it was a little chilly. Nevertheless, we loved it. We cruised to various ports of SE Alaska, and on one of our shore excursions, we took a day trip into Canada and the Yukon. It was spectacular. Truly. The fall colors, the crystal clear lakes, the tranquility. It was awesome. We also sailed into Glacier Bay and got to see a couple of magnificent glaciers. On the way back, one of the ports was Victoria (also gorgeous), and the final stop was Vancouver.

        We did shore excursions, but day trip to the Yukon was the most memorable. And since my sister and I are both introverts, we enjoyed going to the ship library and just reading while taking in the beautiful vistas during the at sea days. The cruise was seven days.

        I highly recommend it, if you get the chance. You may be able to get an even better deal than I did because 1) you don’t have to fly into Seattle, 2) the cruise industry has great deals because of the public relations nightmare they’ve suffered in 2012/2013, and 3) you may get a discount for being a local. We sailed on Norwegian. Please share if you decide to go!

    • We are having a good time and it’s just the beginning of the month. This new Prius is fabulous, it makes driving easy and cheap. Now we’ve decided to take lunch with us on these day trips. Keeps our cost down but we’ll stop maybe to sip a beer or take a taste of wine. There are wineries popping up everywhere around here. Although I’m not a big fan of wine it’s fun to stop every once and awhile to get a taste. I see that you’re making a big move, yes I still peep in on everyone while I’m on my digital detox. I’m so happy for you, looks like life is treating you well. I’m happy for you, cyber-hugs!

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