Mr. Nice Guy

Have you met the nice guy? The one everyone seems to think is so great. Well, watch out ladies nice is not always kind and I’m telling you why.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy

  1. I’ve dealt with nice guys within the work setting. One in particular was an expert manipulator and wreaked havoc in the office – I was constantly putting out proverbial fires whose origins led back to him and when I confronted him once he played the wounded and misunderstood. I was thrilled when his contract ended and he went his way. He was exhausting to deal with. In my personal relationships, I try to avoid ‘nice guys’ by taking time to know who I am relating to.

    • ‘Nice guys’ have to vetted to a depth that is unknown for most people. They have to be watched and questioned continually, because it’s easy to let one slip through. Then you may have complete trouble on your hands. And yes, they can wreak major havoc and never take responsibility as if niceness makes them exempt from being responsible. Whenever I heard the words ‘nice guy’ describe any man I’d just be like, hell to the nawl.

  2. It’s been my experience that “niceness” and passive aggression are two peas in a pod. Only because such folks use niceness as a veneer to misdirect you.

    And yes, any man who declares himself nice gets a side-eye from me. To me, it’s one of those traits that OTHER people use to describe someone (i.e. classy, brave, fearless, etc).

    • Nice to me equals passive aggressive, manipulator, narcissist to me. When anyone insist on telling me how nice someone is and how nice they are, all my red flags start waving. I figure why not just be that, stop trying to convince me you’re something that does not match up with your actions. Men are ridiculous with their entitlement issues because they think they’re nice guys. Whatever, dude.

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