I Love Beards!

I loves me some facial hair, yes I do. I love men with beards. I’m not really sure why because they can be scruffy and scratchy when you get close but I just like the look. I know a bunch of women who love the smooth look and although I have nothing against beardless men I just feel there’s just something more manly and primitive about a beard. I like them trimmed, full, scruffy, I don’t care I just love a beard. Now I’m not that big on mustaches but I’ll take one when it’s attached to a beard. When I met my husband he was clean shaven and then he started to grow a beard, I was thrilled and encouraged it. His family wasn’t thrilled but I’m the lady love so my word goes a long way. So I get the beard. He’s Norwegian and Swedish by heritage so he looks like a Viking to me and I love it. I love bearded men, they’re hot! Enjoy these sexy bearded men and let me know if you like beards.












And of course my favorite bearded hottie, my darling handsome husband.


9 thoughts on “I Love Beards!

  1. I love, love, love, LOVE(!) men with beards. I find them masculine and sexy – hot! *Sigh* thank you for the eye candy Eugenia.

  2. A beard always makes me swoon( sans food crumbs)…I love it. Hubby finds them itchy, so I will have to drool over the pics…lol

  3. Yes! I love seeing a beard on a man. But then, unlike many women my age, I actually think a man’s hairy chest is sexy. Which is interesting because it sort of contradicts my love of tattoos on men (I’ve never had one, but I assume that the area has to be shaved if not already hairless). I don’t really understand the (American?) obsession with no body hair, though I’m not a proponent of Sasquatch, either.

    It’s funny, my favorite scenes of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel are not when he’s in the Superman costume. It’s in the earlier scenes when he’s a drifter (like the pic above). Gorgeous as he is, I much prefer him with facial hair.

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