I’m No Fool


In the wake of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. I’d like to let you know I’m no fool and why.


18 thoughts on “I’m No Fool

  1. Also the whole change your name if it’s black sounding. Umm really. I know some AA’s can have some crazy names (like white folks don’t or something), but the majority have European names that are all of a sudden called black sounding. They need to ask themselves why. I don’t remember a Tyrone in pre colonial west Africa, But you know maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about. You better believe when a lot of black boys are named Aiden it will become black sounding. It has nothing to do with crazy names and more with profiling. These fools are telling BP they are profiling them because they are black (with Euro names mind you) and BP are still telling folks stop naming yo kids Quentamlisha) Well these folks are naming their kids Dante (I had a white Italian co-worker named Dante, because you know it’s Euro. LOL) If a WM says he would not have married a BW or date a BW named Keisha, Lashonda etc. Then his ass is a next. He is blowing smoke out of his ass. They don’t mind dating and marrying Jingjing , Ming Yue ,, Chung Ae they can date/marry a Tomiko, but not a Tamika or Tomika which is just Tomiko with an A. Ummm okay!

    Also the change your hair like the girl who was suspended from school, because her “bullies” were ragging on her and her hair. You had fools talking about maybe she should cut it or tie it down. Really! Black folks. Are you that thirsty co-dependent that they didn’t notice the principle. A grown ass person went with freaking bullies? Luckily the girl chose another school.

  2. That’s also what many white parents need to realize when they adopt black children. They are going to have to prepare them for how they could be perceived. Some say they don’t have those types of conversations because we live in a post racial society. Things are changing. Umm okay. Tell me that when you turn black and go out into this post racial society.

  3. I’ll tell you what since people with no lives, don’t have anything to do but stalk my blog trying to figure out whether or not I’m talking about them. I’ll do you a favor, I’ll talk about you that way you don’t feel left out. You can really say I talked about you and then go back to your crazy blog and say something about me, even put my name in it. Don’t worry I won’t go over and comment, won’t even look at. I’d never give nonsense a page look but go right ahead. Not that I’d care because crazy people with not a lick of sense don’t frighten me nor do I feel hurt. I’d have to respect your opinion for it to hurt. So here we go and if you think you were pissed before, oh you’re head is about to blow off now. Because if you’re gonna dislike me, it will never be for nothing. I’ll make sure you have something to dislike me for, that way you’ll never bother me again and we can close this door.

    To my interloper, first and foremost I never mentioned anyone’s name in that blog. Didn’t say where I got this information but to say Twitter, didn’t say who said. It was enormously stupid of you to come here to try to make yourself the center of attention or a victim. You’re a victim of nothing but your own stupidity or the delusional importance that you have given yourself in my life and on my blog. I saw a lot of stuff from a lot of ppl on social media, I just had class enough not to say who it was and not to put them on front street. But if you want to be unwise as to do that to yourself, go right ahead. Personally, I don’t care what you said or did not say or to whom you said it. If you have nothing to defend, then why come over and try to defend it. If you’re okay with what you did or said, good for you. I said what I needed to say, we don’t have to agree to disagree. You’re no one I was trying to come to an consensus with in the first place, you’re a nitwit. I’m not looking for nitwits to agree or disagree with me, neither means a thing.

    A person with children and no father, no husband and probably not participating co-parent who’s trying to make everyone else responsible for the poor choices they’ve made can’t tell me the sun is shining and it’s bright noon outside. You could say all you want about me and what I need to be telling bw but I tell you what I wouldn’t tell them to have kids w/o a father. Personally I find you ten times more dangerous to bw with that bad advice. My life is full, happy and functional, I’m not living off anyone or begging for anyone’s help or trying to get assistance. I’m not asking the village to raise my kids nor am I asking my family to help with my bills. Now I don’t know if that’s it for you but with that atrocious advice you gave black women, that’s what you set them up for. Now tell me who doesn’t love bw. I suggest you get some help because your life is no shining example of anything so that pretty much makes anything you have to say to me or about me absolutely moot. Now if you want to pissed, there’s something for you really to be pissed about. If you decide to confront me about anything, which I doubt will ever happen again, you need to know what you’re talking about because it was obvious you don’t have a clue. Once again don’t you ever come back to my blog and if I never see or hear from you again it will be too soon. Bye Bye ninny. Hope that brings you some kind of solace since you’re dying for attention. Because once again, unlike yourself, I am no fool.

  4. Here’s another thing DON’T YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE PROCEED TO TRY TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO ON MY BLOG. You have egregiously overstepped your boundaries. Be gone. I’m done with you.

  5. Listen, if you feel slighted there’s a reason. No need to come over here and try to tell me off or clean up what you did if you feel okay with what you do then feel okay. No need to defend yourself unless, of course, you have something to be defensive about. Oops is that it, oh well. I’ll live on and be just fine.

  6. If white people had more respect for human life they wouldn’t have committed genocide on one continent and wholesale decimated another. Racism and white supremacy have absolutely nothing to do with black people or our behavior. They are based in one simple thing: It works. And it will not end until it is to their benefit to do so. Somehow folks have gotten it twisted. It is white folks lack of respect for black life that has informed the same in us. How could it be otherwise? Whites are the majority culture. The default option. Everything in this country is based on what is beneficial to them. The notion that they somehow refuse to respect black life because we don’t is absurd to the point of being psychotic. Since when has ANYTHING of any importance in this country been predicated by what black people think and/or do?

    • If Blk ppl were holding any type of power to change the way white people thought about us, that would have happened long ago. Racism just didn’t happen yesterday. We’ve been here since we got off the slave ship trying to get white ppl to see us as human beings, it’s not my problem anymore. Racism is white ppl’s problem, let them solve it. Black folks been talking, begging, & cajoling till they blue in the face, trying, trying, trying, nothing has changed. Now some white person wants to tell me racism is my fault or I’m a racist, hell to the nawl, I’m not falling for that.

  7. I was rather oblivious to the social media showdown, because I deliberately made a choice to avoid certain social media once the verdict was out. But reading foolishness such as, “If black people had more respect for black life, Trayvon would probably still be alive or would have at least gotten justice” confirms I made the right decision. As far as I’m concerned, you can be pro-BW and children, and still demonstrate compassion in this context.

    Look, I admit….I’m not interested in rioting and gnashing teeth over the case because, from the criminal prosecution perspective, it’s done. But telling others to get counseling for feeling sad over ONE case? LorMarie, I’ve never commented on your blog, and certainly wasn’t privy to the tweets. But from a reader’s perspective, any salient points you MAY have in THIS discussion went out the window after coming on here and telling Eugenia what she needs to be posting about. I am sure you wouldn’t tolerate that on your blog, yet you here you are, talking about others’ misdirected anger while whining about being deleted? You’re wrong for that, and you know it. No one is preventing you from standing by what you’ve said, and no one is obligated to agree with you.

    • That’s it, too many folks in this ‘movement’ have become entitled. So entitled they come around to other folks blogs and tell them what they need to think, what they should talk about and how they should feel trying to get them ‘in line’. Too many people have become too dazzled by their so-called importance because they identify with some ‘movement’ that most people aren’t even aware of or even care about. Yea I’m sorry too many people are sniffing their own glue. I’m wholly unimpressed by something that is on its last dying embers.

  8. Okay, since folks keep bringing up so-called black on black crime, by all means let’s talk about it. See, here’s the thing, and I say this as someone with fifteen years experience in social services. Most of this so-called black on black crime is actually CRIMINAL ON CRIMINAL crime. That’s right. For the most part, the general public has nothing to fear from most street violence. Of course, there are some exceptions, as bullets have no name, after all. But most of the numbers of murders you see are bangers taking out other bangers. This crime pattern is in no way different than other criminal groups. Whoever occupies the bottom of the economic strata becomes the criminal class. Whether they be Jews, Irish or Italians. They all had their bangers. Does the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre ring any bells? Again, the crime rate in general is falling and falling precipitously. All this rhetoric about black on black crime is nothing more than a McGuffin. A distraction strategy. Trayvon’s case is different, at least to me, not because the assailant was white, but because Trayvon WAS NOT a banger. And for those who bring up Melissa Alexander, let’s look at the facts: She was offered a plea deal and turned it down. She violated numerous orders of protection AND married this man while she had a restraining order against him. She ran away from this man and then returned with a gun. Is her sentence ridiculous? Most assuredly, but her case and that of George Zimmerman are not synonymous.

    LorMarie, I understood your point very well. I’ve made that point myself on more than one occasion. The black community stands up for black men and ignores black women and girls. Gotcha. However, Trayvon Martin was not a black man. He was a black boy. He was not a criminal, and as far as I know he never hurt a black woman or child. Your post was absolutely inappropriate and uncalled for and in my opinion, wrongheaded, but you’re a grown woman your choice to demonstrate an egregious lack of compassion is on you.

    • And that’s the point never on this blog have had a rah rah for bm, hell most of the time I don’t even mention them because they aren’t part of my diaspora. I don’t hate them, I don’t love them. I’m kind of apathetic towards them. I love the bm who love me, but I don’t love them b/c they are black, I love them b/c they love and stand up for me. I don’t love wm. I love the white man who loves, stands up for and supports me. Obviously she has me crossed up with some bm hating psychos she talks to, I don’t have time to hate bm. I got better things to do, I have a wonderful life to live. How do you live a wonderful life filled with so much abject hate for random people? That don’t do anything for you, why I waste emotion on folks like that. That’s what stupid, emotionally immature people do. That’s why a bunch of them can’t get on with and have good lives. In that posted comment, she told me exactly who she was and I’m going to believe her.

  9. I can’t stand the kind of black women like the ones you are talking about. Speaking for myself, just because I chose someone from another race doesn’t mean dissing black men. I mean really, whether he was or wasn’t in your life if you’re a black woman you have a black father, brother, uncle or whatever. Unfortunately, there seems to be some women who date interracially who have some real issues they need to work on when it comes to black men. It’s sad really.

  10. Speak the truth Eugenia! You are one of the few speaking the truth! Chile…I’ve left a lot of BWE sites alone. I see what Gina of WAOD was talking about with some of those sites. People better understand that they come for the “undesirables” first then they come for the rest of us, but Trayvon/his father was from the same private/gated community as his killer. I respect the ones who choose not to say anything at all about the case that those who chose this moment to say disparaging things about this innocent child and his family.

    Yea, I’m pro bw empowerment too, I’m pro-dating out too, I’m BW first too, but I’m human first. What happened to this child was wrong and had nothing to do with BWE. It could easily happen to my future biracial (BLACK) sons and daughters. I’ve been saying a little prayer everyday for his family and everyone unknown person we’ve lost in this manner. It’s heartbreaking!

    Phadils, I was one of the ones who said the same things about my future biracial children and got the same response! We know what time it is.

    • I don’t understand why some folks don’t get this, if you have Blk child whether they are full or half Blk, racist white ppl or ppl looking to align themselves to white ppl don’t give a damn about being half white. That’s the real world. I love bw that’s why I’m warning them, your kids, even you may be in potential danger and I don’t care how much ‘act right’ you do someone still only thinks of you as those trouble-making n-words. And if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time looking side eyed at somebody you might not make it. I live in nice suburban community, don’t think I don’t watch these white ppl out here, I don’t trust them and I don’t trust that another minority will find some camaraderie w/ me & help me if a white person attacked me b/c we’re supposedly in the same boat. I’m the telling you, not too long ago I was called an instigator for defending myself against a white person & if you did that like in this case you’d be an instigator here too. I’m sorry, there are very few ppl I trust.

  11. I got this from a commenter, below is what I gave her. White people please don’t come here trying to police my feelings.

    “I just want to say, that as a white women, I was completely devastated for the Martin family when Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty. I followed that case from the moment Trayvon and his story was on the news last year. I cried for his family when I heard the not guilty verdict read.

    I completely agree with you when you say that every person on this earth will need mercy at some point in their lives. In fact, we will all probably need it several times in our life.

    I just wish desperately thatwe could all learn to be more compassionate with one another. How do we go about doing that? I guess the best way is to start with yourself and your own behavior. Make sure it is aligned with the the idea of everyone being kind, considerate and more compassionate towards each other. I don’t think I’ll be able to change the world with that way of thinking but I know I can try.

    Anyway, I’ve just got a lot going through my mind this week and I wanted to try and get some of it out. God bless”

    Here’s what you can do for us Mikki, since you are white. I’m going to tell you the same thing I told my husband. You want to help the cause of black ppl in this country, first please don’t come here policing how I’m supposed to feel as a black person. I don’t police how White ppl feel. But I told my husband this, white person it’s on you. Black people having been talking and screaming about racism since we first got here on the boat. No one listens to us and white ppl refuse to acknowledge their privilege the majority of the time. So first, acknowledge your privilege, use it to do some good. Then when you see or here other white ppl make disparaging remarks about minorities, CALL THEM ON IT! The only way racism will end is that white people of good conscience stop sitting around doing nothing. Because it was white women like you, who couldn’t see the humanity of that black child that let a murderer go free. Go police them broads.

    You don’t have to tell me to be compassionate. I haven’t done anything to anyone. This is a blog, what I do in my life reflects who I am here. I show mercy to many including to a bunch of mean-spirited white ppl that barely want to acknowledge my existence as a human being. So if you’d be so kind, it would be great if you went to police white people feelings about the Zimmerman and not mine.

  12. Clearly, I missed the mess over social media (Twitter?) regarding the tragedy of Zimmerman’s acquittal. I currently live in Florida, and knew for certain that he would not be convicted of 2nd degree murder. I did hope for a manslaughter conviction, but unfortunately, I wasn’t shocked by the acquittal. I just feel for Trayvon’s parents – it’s a double loss for them: last year, when he was murdered, and this year, when Zimmerman got off for it. I am childfree, but two parents lost their son and his killer got away with it. Period.

    I remember an online conversation about how black women, interracially married, would raise their biracial children. I mentioned that I would allow my child to self-identify as they chose, but would educate them that, in the US, they would most likely be seen as black, and would coach them accordingly. Other black women posted similar perspectives. And some stupid, naive black women actually had a problem with that. I wish I could remember which blog it was. In any case, if I do have children, I perceive it as my responsibility to prepare my children to be global citizens of the world, forearmed with the knowledge of how they may be perceived based on their skin color, or even having a black mother. That still stands. Foolery and f**kery from speshul snowflakes have no bearing on how I will raise my potential children. I was born in Georgia, and lived most of my life there before moving to Florida for a job in 2009. I know the deal.

    In any case, I like the advice on being well-versed in the local, state, and federal law.

    • I was born in Houston, Texas racism has touched me. Racism has touched me here in Washington, you can’t live no where in this country and not have it at some point decide it wants entry into your life, whether you want it or not. You lucky you missed it, I saw enough it that I was sickened and I started immediately unfollowing and blocking folks. I don’t want that kind of stuff introduced into my psyche. I’m with you, I’d certainly raise my child to be biracial and proud of that but I also have a duty as a parent to be real with my child and not let them go out into this tough world thinking we’re all just ‘human’ because some people actually don’t think you’re human just because you have more melanin in your skin. You can’t be foolish and exist in this world.

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