It’s Bingo Time!


I’m laughing to keep from crying but in the two days since the verdict came out I have heard various white people use 22 out of the 25 excuses on here, several times. I’d have bingo a couple of times over. Yea I’ll leave you with that. This is not mine, a person named Aubrey did it and I got from Chescaleigh’s tumblr blog.


5 thoughts on “It’s Bingo Time!

  1. I try to avoid discussing race with other than a very carefully screened group of white people. Otherwise I wind up on the verge of a rage blackout and it’s simply not worth it.

    • I do too, I hate to say this but really no I don’t, most white people are either clueless, just don’t give a damn, or think they actually deserve white privilege.

  2. I’m so glad I’ve been on a #digitaldetox from social media and by circumstance regular media this weekend or I’m sure my head would have exploded many times already.

    I’m tempted to print this out and carry it around to see how many BINGOs I can get.


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